Huzzah!.....Solo of Finks at OP8 Complete!

Ran the Bandit Slaughter stock standard…no Community Patch…and for whatever reason…maybe I’m actually getting better and suck less…

I defeated all 5 rounds in a row…no defeats.
This build:

Used a Chaotic Neutral Explosive build
Magic Missiles
Explosive Damage Relic

For some strange reason I just felt in total sync with the fights EVERY round. Seemed like the rushes and attacks would come JUST as my Deception became available each time.

Ammo was a concern though…especially in rounds 4 and 5.



I just did it recently, as well. Similar skill distribution in middle and right trees, different gear and Sniper tree:

Legendary Sniper (L69)
Fire Bone
Lobbed Quasar
slag Pimpernel
incendiary Pimpernel

That arena is awesome. I wish it were repeatable without reset. I’d run it back often.

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I can’t remember…are you PC??

There is a way to reset all 5 levels…or just the last level if you want.

You have to use RAW in “the software”

It was a terrible design decision. I constantly reset the arenas level 5 so I can replay them. Bad Ass round in the magic slaughter there is no need thank goodness.

Robot Slaughter…I am stuck at Level 5…That one is HARD…and ammo just is a HUGE concern LOL Love it!!

I’m on XBox One. No reset that I know of, for me. I’d looooooove to be able to reset the Circles’ BA rounds. I’m hoping there will be 5-6 arenas with replay value in BL3, and a Peak type of course.

While this is more of a “desires for BL3” kinda thing I’ll just say why stop there? A couple of circles more with repeatable BA rounds for each. Make the enemy spawns vary a bit like in the Peak.

I’d like to see some traditional raid bosses (maybe try making them geared towards being a co-op effort instead of just giving them unavoidable attacks next time around) but I’d also like to see a few Peak-like places added afterwards. And throw some unique loot and some more unique enemies in there to boot to incentivize running those things from a farming standpoint on top of casual mobbing too. One of my biggest hopes is also adding variation to the minibosses you run into along the way: for example instead of always running into Mercys in the peak you might instead see Badmaws from time to time or maybe instead of Dukino’s mom you could occasionally run into King mong and Donkey mong.

I’m personally not really a fan of the circles or the peak but with enough variation to go around I’d be sure to team up with people to run those things from time to time.

Also, congrats @johnrr6, it sounds like you’ve tackled almost everything with solo Zer0 already.

Oh my…Robot Slaughter and Round 5…

WHOLE different animal…

Like the Peak…but WITHOUT ammo shrines…

I am running low on ALL ammo CONSTANTLY with my Chaotic Neutral or Shadow Stalker mods which eat through ammo pretty quick.

Will try a Legendary Killer next to see if I can get some more ammo efficiency…Maybe even a Legendary Hunter for more Deceptionm

Used L Sniper for Hyperion Slaughter. I let myself run low on ammunition early and avoided running over bodies, to manipulate weighted drops. That made it easy to quickly get back to full.


Cool to see people using opposite of the melee build.

I still see Zero’s lack of health regen a huge problem. But if you keep killing then its ok.

I just keep getting overrun on round 5 and cant get my health back.

Anyone using a Rubi or Grognozzle or anything like that?

Switch to Grog (or Rubi) …

Throw a Magic Missile

2 Seconds later…entire health back

Switch back to normal weapon and continue the fight

That’s what I do the second my health starts to get dangerously low.

The other method is Transfusion Grenades but it is far slower and less reliable.

Fire Kitten actually works GREAT for rebuilding health in that arena now that I think about it.

Well done, John!
But why the seeker?

Also, how Vel0city and Precisi0n affect both DPUH and Swordsplosion?

Oh man…I LOVE Velocity and Precision with the DPUH…

With DPUH …sure you get pellet split just a bit farther out and precision makes the spread even less wide and…

Oh my gosh it gives you a longer out engagement ranges and way MORE criticals…with Velocity at 11/5 from the Chaotic Neutral it gives me 33% more Critical Hit damage and 22% more gun damage…with FAST bullets!! It literally corrects ANY negatives (in my mind) about the DPUH…slow bullets, wide spread. Well, ammo usage doesn’t change…LOL

And Swordsplosion gets the same benefits…AND you can engage farther out so it is much safer!

Seeker I used for the Raiders who drop in from the copters on the far side of the arena. Sit back Throw some magic Missiles and fire the Seeker anywhere close to them even if they are behind cover…and it just curves into them. Takes a few rounds but totally safe from a distance.

Regarding heals as Zero, I use a Grog with either Kunai or a Quasar. Kunai do enough damage to heal me to full without requiring a grenade. That keeps me from having to burn through a ton of Quasars, so I get to use those for positioning or grouping.

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I also just beat Finks Slaughterhouse but @ Level 50 TVHM, don’t have the level upgrades so still stuck with Torgues Campaign and Scarletts Pirate booty. Ran a melee build. first time. It was really easy in my opinion. Rushed all the badasses with my Rubi only used the rapier at round 5

evisceration Rubi
Nukem(for second winds. havent found a Norfleet "_"
empty slot( playing on console so kind of forget which arrows I map the weapons.)

Longbow Stormfront
Grounded love thumper (to avoid getting shocked)
Shadow Ninja Class mod
Cooldown relic (35%)

Build-Level 50 Melee Build

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