HW 1 Classic Big Extractor

Here is a BIG extractor for HW1 Classic. Most probably works, although obviously I haven’t gone through every last file and done a byte for byte comparison with matches in HW1. Written in VB net.

Fairly simple - open a big file from the menu, and it’ll load. Then select extract and it’ll… :smile:

The idea is to allow full extraction of HW1 classic BIG files, and then allow people to overwrite with their mods, then use the steam archiving big creation tools to package a new homeworld.big with your altered files in it.




Doesn’t seem to work for me. After trying to open the big file I see a small screen flash and it returns to the main screen after which I try to open the file again.
It then leads to the program not responding.

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Could be all sorts of reasons, from os to user error. Works for me on win 7 64 with dot net 4 plus , updated, on hw1 classic big files on steam. MS visual studio packaging should get all the dependencies during install.

I’d say redownload to check its not the archive.


Could be dropbox not updating the file - here’s a different named one. in the ‘about’ section it should say v1.01 on the bottom right.

I get a 404 on both links now. Aaah, the torture. :dizzy_face:

Tried your link on this page:
That one works. Got all the files extracted. A pity that one isn’t asked for a destination though. Everything was extracted into the Homeworld folder, creating quite a mess. :wink:

Thanks though! I really appreciate it. :smile:

If you still want to extract the classic homeworld.big for some arcane reason, you’ll apparently need to do the following:

use the instructions here to download an old version

(here are the txt and bat you’ll need for the step above)

and then use crook’s 1.01 extractor

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