HW 1 Remastered (The Good Stuff)

While I understand HW1 remastered still needs some work. I just wanted to comment on the things I do like. I like the way the asteroids glow when they are being harvested, and then turn black once they have been used up. I like the real time lighting of the ships, firing of the beams, and the shadows that are casted. I like the new cutscenes that were added, along with the new audio added for the Taiidan. The explosions are much better. I liked the new mechanic of being able to salvage the larger exploded ships, with the Salvage Corvettes or the Harvesters. I do have my list of complaints, and I hope some of those get addressed. I also know as a game developer, it helps to hear some of the positive.


Agreed. Visually HW-RE is stunning. The new “old” ship models are brilliant. The backgrounds are awesome. I can’t find a single thing wrong with the art work. It is spot on.

i didn’t like the taidan stuff, and i though kushan stuff needed to look more eagle like, less like pigeons. but overall very good. kadesh is the best.