HW 3. Which engine would work best?

So if a guy was to remake something Homeworldish, which game engine would be best to use? Or is there a project already on the go that’s doing this?

I mean Homeworld’s still king in my book? But I’m really wanting something with a higher memory cap. I’m really wanting a 64 version of this stuff. I mean that would so seriously rock. So I guess I’m just out fishing for ideas.

Don’t underestimate what I’m willing to do to pull this off either.

Any thoughts? Fill me in full and proper.

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Depends on what you’re after. Are you wanting eye candy or are you wanting functionality?

Well. Function for sure I think. I mean I’m happy enough with pre-remastered graphics for example (HW2 not HW1 tho).

But I guess I’d really need to know my trade-offs.

I’d recommend Unreal or roll your own. I dislike how obfuscated it feels to work in Unity.

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Ok well thanks for the thoughts.

So here’s me diving straight into grabbing hold of C++ and taming it.

Can already program in a few languages anyway. But always sort of wanted to fill in that gap a little.

I’ve got both Unity and Unreal installed, but was leaning Unreal’s way so it’s nice to know I’d have company with that.

See y’all in about 8 years :wink:


Any major engine should be able to do what’s needed if handled by someone proficient enough in it, but unreal does seem like the safest bet for having the highest possible quality outcome. Personally if it were a question I was tackling I’d do it in Unity at the moment, as that’s what I’m more comfortable with.

Rolling your own is a great option if you want to develop your skills and learn how game engines work, but a terrible option if you want to have a finished product and have never made a game engine before.