[HW:R] Multiplayer bug list and general improvement suggestions

Post a replay describing in detail the errors you have encountered or the improvements you want to suggest, i will add it to the list.
This is not a game balance topic.

High priority list

Achieved 2/4

  1. Game crash during loading. During the loading screen the game sometimes crashes if: you ALT+TAB to the desktop, or click anywhere on the screen. (With patch 1.22 the game crash rate went from 8/10 to 3/10)

  2. Introduce a “reconnect to the game” feature. Allow the players who for any reason got out a game to rejoin it. This is one of the most requested feature ever, since the original games. Game crashes, pc BSODs, WIFI disconnects, electricity goes off, the reason that leads a to a dc in a game are endless.

  3. Add a lobby. Add a main chat room where people can talk to each other. Topic.

Normal priority list


  1. Chat keyboard layout support. The game does not support other keyboard layout other than the US one. Player with UK, FR, IT and other layouts can’t type some symbols in chat (e.g: ? , ! ecc…)

  2. Ships sometimes get stuck in the borders of the map.

  3. Sometimes if a player is lagging during the loading at the beginning of the game all the ships in the map will get stuck in the hyperspace. There is no way to fix this when it happens.

  4. Capital ship pathing. The Capital ships get easily stuck while moving near asteroid fields.

  5. Fix the formations

  6. Build capable ships trading. In the original HW2 you were able to pass to your team mates control of your build capable ships. Some strategies developed from the community were based on this feature that is now gone.


  1. Add a spectator mode, with a spectator UI. This feature will allow players to spectate the games of their friend and will make tournaments streamings (Twitch.tv) easier to do (the spectator mode is an essential feature for any potential eSport). The spectator UI should give different color for different players, access to live statistics of the players like “total RU collected”, “number of ships killed”, “number of ships built” ecc…

  2. Game replay system. Add a feature that make us able to record our games and re-watch it later. You could use the (above mentioned) spectator mode to view it.

Low priority list


  1. If you have a multy monitor configuration and you ALT+TAB to windows while the game is running when you return to it your cursor’s movements wont be limited by the borders of the screen you are playing on, but will move on the others windows too. This deny the use of the mouse to move your game camera.

  2. Players’ fleet’s logo usually appears upside down in the end game scoreboard.


  1. Make the last race played the default one, by automatically selecting it when i join a new room. This wont make those player who usually play only one race have to pick it every single game.

  2. Show the “game host name” in a field next to the game name. The game name is used to describe the game you are going to play (2vs2, FFA, No rush, only noobs, tournament game, 3v3 ecc…). When the game name is correctly used to describe the game, there is no way to know who created it.

  3. Allow players to communicate with their allies through pinging on the sensor map. An example may be the League Of Legends ping system, so that you will be able to ping an ally: “Danger here”, “I’m moving my fleet there”, “Defend this position” or “Retreat”.

  4. Add a chat in the end game scoreboard page. It will be useful to talk to the people you have played with about the statistics, or to ask them a rematch.

  5. Insert a simple ranking system for players. It will help all the new players avoid awful games (bad experience equal bad game that leads to uninstall the game), and will allow experienced find each other to have awesome games easier. It does not have to be be an ELO based ranking system with ranked match making. A ranking that assign players stars from 0 to 5 based on the number of games they have won (5 games won 1 star, 10 games won 2 stars, 25 games won 3 stars 50 games won 4 stars, 100s game won 5 stars) will be more than enough.

  6. Increase the maximum number of characters writable per single message.


High priority list:

  1. Game lobbies with password. Flag the games with password with a lock icon, and add the “Hide games with password” filter. [Patch 1.22]

  2. Region lock. Remove the region lock from the game, it reduces the number of players you can play with without any actual improvement to the system. Instead, introduce a restriction at the access for people with more than, for example, 300 ms of ping. The region lock will deny the possibility to play with people who live in different regions but have 50 ms of ping thanks to fiber connection, it will however allow to play players from the same country with 300+ms of ping). [Patch 1.22]

Normal priority list:

Low priority list:

  1. Downloading content bug. This is especially noticeable when trying to host and in games larger than 1v1.

I noticed that aswell


I just came across a frig unit cap bug. Wanted to triple spam ion frigs but it stopped building them at 10 saying unit cap reached. The cap was 21.

Just experienced my bug when my heavies (2 missile destroyers and 2 destroyers) were STUCK at the “bottom” of the arena and couldn’t move vertically upwards.

Quite frustrating. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

Six game in a row crashed in the loading screen. This is getting ridiculous!
You spend more time trying to play the game than actually playing it!

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I crashed in a 1v1 earlier and again in a 3 player ffa. Don’t know why. An increase of chat characters in game would be nice because at the moment you have to press enter per half a sentence.

Good list.

As for passworded games, it would also work if the game entry has a lock icon if it is passworded.
I agree with the non US keyboard layout being tough on symbols, but this has much less priority.

Spectator mode is a big plus, letting people watch skilled games in real time. Back in the days, we edited maps like Shield to make it 6 players map, let 4 people blow up and watch the show but this is impossible on maps like crimson bond where you need many players to actually play, and a dedicated spectator mode is a very welcoming feature.

Issues I’ve noticed.

  1. When playing on a ‘new’ map the game takes foreverify to load.
  2. On 6 and 8 player maps having more than 2 teams results in a crash just about ever time
  3. On every map there is always at least 1 player that drops right away.
  4. Being stuck in hyperspace before the match begins due to a lagging member of the the match.

other than that and Yes not being in the game anymore, I have no complaints.

It’s funny, when HW1 came out in the 20th century, it was Yes that prompted me to get the game. The Ladder is one of the greatest songs they’ve ever written. Hopefully Yes will return to the game either as an official patch or a work around.

Being stuck in hyperspace before the match begins due to a lagging member of the the match.
I too have encountered this bug

Lately, in the single player, after mission 7, the game camera goes all black, but it will still display the GUI. Saving right there the game, and loading it will fix the problem.

In the Ghost ship mission (number 9) there is a bug that if you don’t make it capture one of your ship, your objective wont get updated, bugging the level. You can carefully destroy all the enemy ships without losing a ship, but doing so you wont be able to rid of the Ghost ship (it will heal itself). You will be able to target it with a Salvage corvette even without the objective that says to recover the data, but it wont update your current objective, making impossible you finish the level. The only way out of this bug is to reload the entire level.

Not sure this is the right place to comment this but … FLAG the games password protected !!!

Yeah, that plus a fix for the crashes in the loading screen should be the priority for the next patch.
Also remove the region lock for the game, if they want to avoid lag in games, restrict the access to the multy player to people ho has more than 300ms of ping. It’s nonsense that two people from the same country who lags can play, when an European and an american with fiber connection and 50ms of ping can’t!

I’m going to update the list in the first post with the other responses

Players’ fleets’ logos usually appears upside down in the end game scoreboard.

They fixed the region lock! :smile:

Added “Capital ship pathing” issue

Added “Add a Lobby”, “Build capable ships trading” and “Fix formations”


I would like to have the option to…

  • Go higher on the Resource Multiplier and Unit Cap
  • Increase/decrease the game speed (at set up, not in-game)
  • Disable Hyperspace jumps so people cant waste my time at the end of

Are any of these things feasible?

Also I would like to add my support for these existing suggestions:

  • Ranking system
  • Pings for allies
  • Replay system
  • Build capable ships trading
  • All that relate to chat improvements

P.S. how about some voice taunts? I always remember those ones from C&C Red Alert 2 that made me laugh :laughing: “hahahaha… your cheap parlour tricks… fail to amuse me”

This feature would be nice, and should be really easy to implement in the game! It will also “nerf” the BC without lowering their stats, making corvettes and fighters speed more important

Guys, this is all great! I am really glad we have such a dedicated community. This game deserves it.

You do realize that they will be more likely to see this though if you post it in the Gameplay Bugs & Feedback Megathread thread located here : Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Features for Lobby
As a client joining a game, I’d like to see a better way of displaying the options for MP games. I would also like the game to disable my ready status when the host adjusts options for the game so that I don’t make poor choices in the beginning of a round because the host sneaks in some adjustments before launching a game.

This is a horrible idea. Why don’t you just build some grav well generators.