HW-R on OpenGL 3.1

My laptop has a Intel® HD Graphics Family chip that only supports up to OpenGL 3.1 and crashes the game on startup. I have tried running the game with my NVIDIA graphics on release day but that didn’t work either.

However, when I hooked up my laptop to an HD TV and started the game on the TV as my main screen, the game starts. I can then alt tab and switch my main screen to be my laptop and I can then play HW-R on my laptop. I can now also start the game using my NVIDIA graphics.

Why does this work or was there some patch that I do not know about?

Using NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M. Failed without the TV, now works with the TV.


It is so because you use the NVIDIA high performannce processor when you use the TV. You can make it work without the TV via the NVIDIA Control panel, where under the Manage 3D settings you set the preferred graphics processor to be High-performance NVIDIA processor.