HW:RC in the charts on Steam... And the drop in population of players since release

For those who aren’t aware of Steam Charts… You might find this interesting… Certainly is revealing. You can even see when and how many playtesters/review copies there were. ^^



I know there was a way to see achievements unlocked by the community (remember seeing it on another game) but I couldn’t figure out how to see that info for HWR. Do you know where to get that info? I’d be interested to see how many people got how far into the campaign(s).

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I definitely used to know… Will dig around to see if I can find it.

Here you are @ForceUser ^^


Awesome thanks!


Ok, wow that is very, very impressive. 16% completion of the HW1 campaign and 8% completion of the HW2 campaign. That’s actually really good, but to be expected with a strong singleplayer as HW has.

If you take for example a similar game released at around the same time like Gray Goo (a 50$ game), it has a 8% completion rate of its campaign, half that of HW1. Its steamcharts I’ll let it speak for itself: http://steamcharts.com/app/290790 (if you cant open this link, peak was 2.7k with 24h peak at 75)

Looking at a more recent example of a high profile space themed RTS, Etherium we see that none of the achievements except for the two tutorial ones are higher than 5% completed and again, I’ll let the steamcharts speak for themselves: http://steamcharts.com/app/245370#1m (again if you cant open the link, peak was 263 and 24h peak 30)

Heck even if you compare it to an actual ‘new game’ (as opposed to a remaster of a 15y old game) like the very successful CoH2 it holds its own (look at the all time peak: http://steamcharts.com/app/231430 for example, only 20k) . That is a game that was all gung ho about going full e-sports. Also considering how epic it’s single player is, only 8% completed the last mission on the easiest difficulty. But it is a bit more mature, a solid multiplayer game that is arguably a lot easier (no spacial 3D shenanigans).

I’d say HWR is not doing nearly as bad for itself as people like to think (not that that’s the aim of this thread of course!) and the numbers support it as being a very, very successful game, compared to other RTS games.

I mean HW is dead woe is us… just a little joke


The average percentage of players advancing past mission 8 in the original Homeworld, according to Sierra, was 10%. I imagine that was a factor in making Homeworld 2 more approachable.

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Huh, cool. Do you know how they gathered that kind of information back before steam? I know Sierra had kind of it’s own online service thing at some point or was it the WON thing or just a survey? This was right around the time I started doing online things so it’s all a bit fuzzy for me.

ps. with the numbers I’m seeing on steam, compared to some of the new releases you guys (the whole team) should be really proud of HWR.

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I didn’t and will not play the tutorials and haven’t played the HW1 campaign yet.
I’ve finished HW2 campaign.

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Now that’s interesting when you look at the take up of the second campaign compared to the first. More approachable didn’t seem to resonate so well with the players both potential and existing that much :confused: .
I hope someone pays attention to that for HW3 :slight_smile:

When you consider the history behind Homeworld, simple name recognition alone should see it stomp all over these Johnny come lately space games at the beginning period of its re-launch. which it did in spades when you look at the first week figures. Its the reason in part the I.P of a 15 year old game goes for 1.35 million after all.

Steam figures need to run a bit before we can sensibly read any future trends, till Homewords numbers stop falling and plateau we will struggle to see what sort of up take the multiplayer is managing to hold as currently that initial batch of campaign only players probably hasn’t quite run its course just yet.
That and the fact the multiplayer is still in Beta might be holding some back from diving in, though whether that is true or not will be pretty apparent in the steam charts after the next major patch. A patch that lives up to player expectation should see a lift and holding of player numbers over the subsequent weeks.

Also don’t forget that the steam chart for homeworld is actually showing you the total of four separate games and all the multiplayer stuff combined which will makes the comparison to other games a little trickier than it first appears.


we are just saving energy for after the patch.


Indeed I am aware of the (technically) 4 games in one thing, really only two, but when you compare it to CoH2 that included two expansions as well :smile:

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It really is 4 though, you yourself have suggested on several occasions that if players aren’t happy with the changes to the remastered version they still have the included classics to go at. Which is what no doubt some of the older player base has done. For instance I’m currenty playing the classic version and cataclysm whilst waiting for this upcoming patch. suggesting they now shouldn’t somehow count as separate games strikes me as a little odd when clearly they do :confused: .

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In terms of Multiplayer, I can argue it’s only one game since classic doesn’t have MP. With the ‘two’ comment I meant the Remastered games and the classic games, not HW1 and 2 remastered (and not counting classics).

I also did say technically 4.

I guess I should have clarified with my two comment. Will teach me to assume anything.


That’s fair enough, I see where your coming from with that :slight_smile:

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Honestly…I don’t even think they’ll be bothering as much anymore. Just take a look at the modding resources section. Only 3 views for their latest ship example. Pitiful.


Concerning the modders two things spring to mind,

  1. the modding tools are still in flux, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the serious players are holding back a little till thing settle down, just so they don’t end up redoing work that becomes incompatible with whatever the latest tool that Gearbox happens to release.
  2. Whilst incredible dedicated at what they do the Homeworld modding community is a tiny, tiny percentage of the overall player base, so your unlikely to see a big take up of things like that example ship especially when you combine it with my first point.

I think the 3 month mark is probably a good point to take stock of HomeWorld temperature. By then the vast majority of the first day adoptors will have moved on to something else, hopefully we will be out of Beta, most of the important fixes will be done and we should be left with the diehards, multiplayers and a small but steady stream of new faces to base any evaluations on.

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This all really bothers me. I’ve really enjoyed Homeworld Remastered and found the multiplayer a good experience when I can actually find a game. However, I hear a lot of ‘holding back’ and ‘conserving energy’ in reference to the patch… I hope this is the case and theres a sudden boom in player involvement, but I just can’t see it. Unless you can keep people’s attention, they lose interest and move elsewhere until some new event draws them back. Seems like the game is so dead that even if more come back to try it again post-patch, the only real way to get the game going again would be a big sale or even a free weekend. Otherwise… I just don’t know. It’s sad, and frankly I’m kinda wishing I had my $35 back.

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And I’m just sitting here drooling over the screenshots of Super Star Destroyers and Star Trek Federation ships in the Remastered Engine.

But you know, that’s just like, an opinion :laughing:


Honestly, especially with MP being in beta, I feel like this should have been an early access release. Anybody else share the same thoughts?


Nope, game was and always has been about the single players story. It never had nor will it ever have mass multiplayer appeal like say, COD or CSS as it’s very much a niche game withing a niche genre (Full 3D Space RTS). Even then it is doing very well compared to a more traditional Flat plain RTS like CoH2 (at least in peak numbers for example).

HW is about the story, the journey, the music and, of course, the visuals (as a way to enhance the story). In this, early access would have done nothing as the changes they are going to make that effect the story/SP part of the game are because of player feedback. Considering how many people would not have bought the game (and thus not given feedback) if the SP part of the game had released as early access and that the SP is feature complete, as bug free as can be expected more so again comparatively, and ‘finished’ going with a full release was the right call.

Multiplayer however has been released as beta (pretty much falls under the rather broad term early access) and in fact not only do you see the word Beta on every single screen when launching beta but you actually have to type in the word BETA to access it.

Looking at the game and how smoothly the release went for at least 95% of the player base with regards to game stopper bugs (actual ones not imagined) and technical issues I’d say the could have gotten away with (not recommended though) an earlier full release even but they did not. This is of course again talking about the SINGLE PLAYER part of the game.

No, the way they released it was pretty decent.

I had an interesting thought. What do you guys think has been the effect on the multiplayer numbers (you know, what everyone is basing their OMG THE GAME IS DED rants on) the fact that you have to register on a 3rd party site and hop through a few minor hoops to get access to the MP BETA and heck, the fact that it’s called a Beta? Wouldn’t it be a bit unfair to compare the MP number of the Beta to a fully released game with a fully released multiplayer and that is fully integrated to steam (not requiring a 3rd party registration)?

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