HW Remastered feedback

This is my first post here, so please be tolerant, if I blunder somewhere.

First if all, I come from Homeworld 2 rather than 1, so my opinion will probably be biased with that in mind. I bought HW1 around the time HW2 came out and HW2 a couple of years later - was a student back then and had to get games from the bargain bin. I have never completed HW1 campaign (HW2 several times), so Remastered was my chance to get in on what I have missed.

What I liked:

  • The interface. Whatever anyone says, as a long time RTS player, I find that the classic HW interface was rubbish and the one in remastered is great with only one small problem - the icons for the selected units are to small. I know you can scale the interface, but for HD resolution anything beyond the smallest is just too big, but I loved the fact that you now have special abilities in the same menu box.
  • Graphics and sound. Despite minor glitches like ships blinking before appearing out of hyperspace or blinking after they left, the game looks great.

What I did not like.

  • The difficulty. I was doing well until the Supernova Station mission. From then it was just painful. It seems that every once and a while there is a mission that is there just to kick the player’s butt and decimate their fleet. I like a challenge, but the Nova mission and the asteroid mission was just a pain. Also, the ships move at a turtle’s pace and this is horribly felt in the last 4 missions where it take several hours to get your fleet to a point where anything happens. The last mission took me 3 hours to complete and most of that time was spent watching a movie, while my fleet crawled through the map. I am not sure, if this is a Remastered issue, or something the original Homeworld had, but by now, I hate the music from the game with a passion. It was a slow, boring and difficult grind to complete the last few missions, worse than Dark Souls.
  • Broken formations. Why do mix the HW1 mechanic with the one from HW2? HW1 formations don’t work and make no sense.
  • Cloaking does not work at all. Neither cloak fighters or corvettes do anything. The enemy can still see me just as I can see their cloaked units.
  • Broken scripts. I had to restart missions multiple times to get the scripts to activate, add to that what I wrote above, and I now completely hate HW1 campaign.
    -The last mission. First time it loaded, I had a few destroyers and a cruiser. Completely unplayable - the Motherships dies within 30 seconds of the cutscene no mater what I do, so I had to replay the previous missions the right way (stealing stuff with salvage vettes) and after I am done with the attacks, the fleet craws for 3 hours to the Emperor’s vessel (anyone counting time?). Oh and the Emperor! Who the hell is he? Why and how does he attack Karan? Why is he so evil? Why should I care?

Maybe that is just my personal preference, but either the HW1 campaign remastered is broken, or just the classic Homerworld campaign was antiquated. I finished it with a relief and hope never to have to play it again. I understand that there is the never engine and the need to keeps stuff as the original, but it’s just not fun. HW1 fans will probably hate me for this, but that’s just my opinion, so I am sharing it. Learn to like it. :smile:

Homeworld 2 Remastered on the other had is spot on, the single player works and looks great and I found no issues so far.

Classic HW1 and 2… HW1 crashes to desktop when explosions start. HW2 has no issues other than low FPS with vsync on in the game (works well when it’d forced within the driver). Also the engine trails in HW2 classic are broken and tear immensely with certain camera angles at close up.

The Multiplayer.

Aside from the various issues posted everywhere, there is one thing I want to say and I hope this gets considered. Mixing HW1 and HW2 races is a huge mistake. HW2 balance was very good and being a veteran of Relic RTS games I can say one thing - they have always had good balance when there was only to races. Add the third one and everything turns to dust. Be it Company of Heroes or Dawn of War, multiple races were just impossible to balance and that is why people gradually moved to something else. Add to that the fact that we have 4 races each 2 are from completely different games with different mechanics, we have an impossible balance task ahead. My suggestion is, split the MP into HW1 and HW2 mechanics and tailor each race for each mechanic. In HW2 mode we use ship squadrons in HW1 we use single ships. Mixing the two, will just never work. You can try, but the amount of work and time involved will likely not be worth the effects. Or just separate the gamemodes to HW1 races only and HW2 races only - problem solved.

Anyway, that is all my feedback, I though I’d share since I would love Homeworld to be a thing again and not end up like most early year releases (anyone still play Titanfall?).

Most of your HW1 complaints are true of the original too. Notable exceptions are formations, cloaking and broken scripts.

As for “fun” factor, many HW1:C fans are saying the same thing, just for different reasons (for example, they are saying the pace is too fast :hushed: ). I’m not sure whether you could find common ground, other than perhaps a very general “the game could use some rebalancing to increase the sense of satisfaction”.