HW:RM Aspyr Mac Release

Hi all, first post here. I was 8 when homeworld came out back in the nineties, so to see it again now when I can appreciate how much work has gone in to remaster it means an awful lot!

Anyway, I stumbled across the Aspyr release of HW:RM on the Mac App Store, so naturally, instead of spending £1k on a PC, I downloaded it. I just have a few questions for the devs or anyone else who may have some input.

  1. will this version get the same support in terms of updates as the PC version?
  2. I haven’t seen it mentioned on these forums yet, I take it Gearbox are aware?!
  3. It seems to play perfectly, both classic and remastered but as above, will there be a stream of updates/patches?

For those that were waiting for a Mac release, good news! Looking forward to hearing what support we will receive.



1 - That’s Aspyr’s business. It launched with all of the patches we’d done before the launch built-in. I imagine there will be further updates - but again, that’s Aspyr, not Gearbox.
2 - Yup - the world knows! :wink:
3 - I guess that’s answered in #1?

So I’m guessing accessing mods from the workshop will be out is the question?

What about playing multiplayer?
Or is that all Aspyr?

Aspyr’s FAQ covers that stuff, and it amounts to ‘not yet’. Apparently they’re working on a steam version that will do all those things, but it’s not available yet and buying the app store version doesn’t get you the steam version when it’s available.

Really? Well that sucks. I feel sorry for everyone who bought the Mac version. They only got half the product.

That is a bit of a shame that Aspyr are completely in charge, although having had no previous experience of them I’m not one to comment on updates. Let’s just hope they monitor it in the same way Gearbox are.

Besides, watching my scouts get obliterated by the Assault Frigates in Mission 3 of HW1:R clearly shows that it’s still not quite right in terms of historical playability. I’m just happy I can play the game again, albeit the classics for now, on my MacBook Pro for only £25 rather than splashing out on a PC.

Will keep my eyes on the AppStore for updates I think!

Glad I read this post considering Aspry is not Steam, although I find it interesting that they didn’t contact Steam to license to Steam. This implies that the game for mac’s is only available at Aspry which defeats our purpose and Steam members. Licensing shouldn’t be an issue regardless of the format being used. Most people that played this game played on both platforms last time I check, via HW2 weather your on a pc or a mac had no issues in on-line gaming, so I fine this process vague and not fully committed to a ten year old process in todays world of computer tech. @jschollar, Aspry was authorized a license for mac systems which was not a fault of GearBox, pc’s are the largest market share of pc games on and off line gaming on the planet. So I’ll just have to wait until this issue has been resolved. I’d much rather stay with Steam, but I might not have a choice. By the way it’s great that this game is back and your playing it, my hats off to you Sr. @ Lazer72, not everyone on a mac has bought the product for several reasons,1. Gearbox could authorize through it’s Stream Service allowing Asyrp to run on it’s platform as I’ve stated above, from my perspective it’s a licensing issue at best, I could be wrong, but until somebody from Gearbox tell me that I’m off base, I’ll stick to my license analysis.