HW wont startup

Hw classic starts and plays fine. HW classic 2,HWR and HWR2 does not even start up. Launcher disappears and game never starts. Submitted a ticket and tried all that was told of me to do. I have run out of options.

If the classics work but not remastered (and you’ve verified integrity of game cache) then it’s almost definitely video related, either drivers or the card itself. On my laptop I had to go to the manufacturers website and find the latest video drivers for the integrated gfx and only then would it run. The generic drivers I could download from intel didn’t work I had to go to the manufacturer’s site (Dell).

There will be a patch to resolve critical issues end this week OR early next week last I heard. Might fix whatever prob you’re having.

Games that do not run on certain system configurations is part of PC gaming. It’s the price we pay for sexy, sexy visuals.

@S4CRIFIC3- if you filed a ticket, you should be in good shape!

I built this PC myself and have had no problems with any games. I have upgraded video cards to a gtx 760 with a gtx 460 running physics on three monitors. Never any problem til now. The HW classic 1 is the only one the starts up nothing else. Yes i did submit a ticket and after i did all that the guy told me to do he said he didnt know what else to do so he told me to check the forums and here i am.

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I’m assuming one of the things you’ve tried was to disable the 460 and unplugging two of your three monitors to see if it runs then?

The only one running is HW1C - all others (HW2C/HWRM) fail? I worry that somehow your GL isn’t happy. We run quite well on a 760, and much of our dev staff worked daily on 460s - so all I can imagine is the odd nature of your cards is causing GL to not init.

Try disabling the 460 - though with the new patch it should have said something useful before quitting.

I wrote the graphics engine - so if I can’t help you, well, we’ll keep trying.

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Yes i did disable the 460. Im now uninstalling the graphics drivers and microsoft redistributables and starting over from scratch which includes reinstalling the game itself. I dont think reinstalling Steam is necessary correct me if im wrong. I will let you know the outcome later.

Reinstalling Steam should have zero bearing on your issue. I really do wish you luck, I know this stuff can be frustrating! I’m here to help - feel free to PM me with info of you end up getting nowhere. Whatever your issue is, we may be able to learn from it and add info to help others in the future to the issues tracker…

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BTW im running the 2 secondary monitors on the 460. Shouldnt have anything to do with the game since it runs on the main display although i did disable the 460 just for this purpose of testing. When the icon is clicked on the launcher the launcher closes and the mouse curser goes around for about 3 seconds the homeworld in steam flickers and then nothing. Doesnt ever show up in the task manager.

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same issue - just one monitor - hw1 only the menu and and this only when i have set 640x480 other resolutions gives the startmenu the false resolution after restart ^^ - crashreport for this ) and hw2 just starts and close directly and makes an crashreport (this) . amd 6core and amd hdreadon 5700 all drivers fresh updated ^^

Hwrm starts comlete fine and is playable!

i know its a known bug :wink:

Dont ask me why but when i looked at the game files on my pc build inside the data folder the following files were missing: CACHE,GAMERULES,LOGFILES,PATCH,SCREENSHOTS,STATS,SYNCERROR and local ini. I did a check game cache in steam and ir didnt catch this. I just happend to compare my laptop game files to my PC game files. My guess is that originally when i was downloading i had a power outage and had to restart the download when internet came back up. Thus my registry might have some wrong code in it. Im not sure how to check that but im going to copy the files over and see if that works.

Ok no good even with all the files there still does the same thing. No Start. Any other suggestions. Does anyone know how to fix the registery if that would be the problem?

One more question does Steam have to be on C drive? because i have my steam on another drive.

Running out of options help please.

@S4CRIFIC3, It doesn’t matter that Steam is on a different drive, My laptop has 2 and I put all games on the D:\drive. Homeworld Remastered works on it OK (little underpowered but it goes)

Have you looked in the game executable folder for RM;


to see if there is a file …ErrorLog.txt? If there is there should a good clue in the first couple of lines in that file, as to what exactly is causing the crash (assuming it is a crash) - post it here?

No error log text game never starts up.

OK what happens if you execute the .exe (HomeworldRM.exe) directly (bypassing the launcher) ?

One thing I noticed from your previous post;

on my pc build inside the data folder the following files were missing: CACHE,GAMERULES,LOGFILES,PATCH,SCREENSHOTS,STATS,SYNCERROR and local ini.

These should not be in the ‘Data’ folder they should be in the ‘bin’ folder. I hope that’s what you meant? If so double check your Antivirus software and setup exceptions for the Homeworld exes and folders it may be stopping the download of critical files.

I have tried everything including disabling my antivirus reinstalling several time downloading redists. Thnx everyone but i give up. Just wish i could get a refund.


these files will probably be created on first launch. since it fails to launch, then… no files.

anyways, HW2:C has some atioglxx.dll issues with catalyst after 14.4 (ati cards). not sure if there is a corresponding nvidia opengl driver. (but the other games work fine, minus some HDR bloom UI glitches still to be fixed).

also, have you tried as other suggested (since you have not confirmed) whether it works with just the 760, and a single monitor.

if you search the forums, you’ll find other 760 users with problems, but they are mostly able to run the game (albeit with some opengl crashes).

also, i’ve noticed that most, some 80% of players have nvidia cards (or maybe they just appear on forums more due to problems… i’m not sure, but having 20 years IT experience, i have to say, ATI have less problems, and more performance for the dollar) this always perplexes me. all the consoles figured it out. xbox used to use nvidia, switched to ati in 2006. nintendo uses ati. sony ps3 used nvidia based, ps4 uses ati.