Hw1 Bombers and Hw2 Infiltrators, and Launching Paths

After a few games, the hw1 bombers need a damage buff of sorts. They struggle to kill subsytems, and are laughed at by any capital ships.

The vaygr infiltrators (and maybe marines?) can capture ships way too fast. Just did a few games, and the infiltrators swooped in an stole ships at alarming rates. Considering salvage corvettes only need one lacking to fail at ship capture, infiltrators could use a capture time decrease.

There are several ship clipping issues that occur. For instance, if a Kushan carrier is facing a large asteroid and is producing frigates, occasionally the frigates will pile up in one spot and be immovable until the carrier moves. Likewise, if a carrier is too close to a vaygr flagship or shipyard capital facility, the launching capital ships (rarely bcs) can clip into eachother and be stuck until the production ship is turned. Laser corvettes and some others will still clip into each other when docking with a support frigate as well.

HW1 bombers are supposed to be slightly worse against subsystems than upgraded HW2 bombers - it compensates for HW1 ships having no production facilities or modules to destroy. I do agree that they need to do more damage to capital ships, especially cruisers. I have never seen the clipping issue however.

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From a HW2 perspective,I think HW1 bombers are fine. HW1 doesn’t even have modules.

I was using marines and I have to say I don’t think they capture fast enough, so I guess it’s a matter of opinion. Unless I am mistaken, units are also easier and harder to capture depending on the health.

Wouldn’t that just support the argument that Hw1 needs module damage? The inability to pop facilities and such are what hurts them. Did some games today with some others against ai, and we tried all sorts of tactics and ship. These two were the biggest issues. Ai do spam infiltrators though, so that’s worth keeping in mind. In game against other players, capture frigates are spammed so much, thankfully.

The infiltrators, when a ship is damaged, steal it in no time, especially destroyers. Cruisers go pretty quick when at or below half health. Perhaps, if timing isn’t what needs adjusting, maybe the infiltrators should be ‘docked’ on their target first? They can star capture procedures from a good distance away… and its not absurd or anything, just that the light blue meter pops up before they are done moving. Thanks for the input.

I was looking at it more like the modules are more of a liability that HW1 doesn’t have.

I’m going to pay closer to attention to the marine infiltrator capture times. However, when I use them, usually by the time they even make it over to the target and start trying to capture, they are already at half health.

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Marines/infiltrators do capture ships much faster when they are damaged. They havent changed much since 2003 and are fine IMHO. They were never OP by any means.

Hw1 and hw2 bomber damage vs capital ships was significantly buffed in HWR 2.0. Ive tested hw2 bombers recently and they are working as intended. I can check hw1 bombers later this week. I should note the patch preview has some fixes for bomber vs frig damage, subsystem health, and interceptor vs subsystem damage.