HW1 Campaign Color selection?

I’m not about to ask features when the game is most likely gold and will be released in a few hours, but something was brought to my attention in this video:

A little over the minute mark he presses the campaign button and it goes directly into the game, no pre-screen to set colors/emblems or anything. I can understand taking the Taiidan option out as that could mean a lot of testing, but this too?

Maybe some other video de-confirms this so perhaps some other forum members here knows about it? I do recall seeing the Mothership in other colors outside of multiplater, I think in one of the Kadesh videos. If it is not I wish we’d at least get this option post-release. It is even more bizarre that it defaults to HW2’s sky blue color when the canon Kushan color was grey.

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Be a shame if the took it out of the sp the ability to adjust flag colors. I know they have it in skirmish but meh it was nice to adjust them in the original for the sp. No real reason not to have it so its a confusing thing if true that its removed.

Maybe its in the player profiles menu selection? Tho not sure why it would be moved there.

That’s what I’m wondering as well. Would definitely be great to get some clarity around this - worst-case I guess we’ll find for ourselves when the game unlocks shortly. I really hope they haven’t removed this from singleplayer.

I would presume it’s the player’s profile color scheme. I distinctly recall a dev video of HW1 Remastered where the mothership was very, very yellow and green. =]

But was this dev video actually showing off Homeworld 1’s campaign mode? HW2 originally had the options to change your fleet’s paint scheme, but this only worked in skirmish and multiplayer - not campaign mode. I’m wondering if the same strange limitation applies now with Homeworld 1’s update to the revised HW2 engine.

Yeah i think its a dropped feature, from hw1, just fired up the old hw2 of mine and u cant even change ur colors for sp in that too and since there on hw2 engine they have lost or didnt bother to port the code for changing colors for sp.

I don’t think it’s possible officialy, but in the original HW2 you could do that by editing a simple lua file. Sadly I would also like a more friendly way, because the HW1 shots I see they’re using the HW2 color scheme in HW1 ships.