HW1 Cloak Generators can be....difficult to deal with

This is the second time where I’ve played a 6 player ffa game and an opponent has resorted to Cloak Generator cheese!

In both games where I was exposed to this cheese move, my HW1 opponent lost his Mothership. He then hyperspaced his carrier to a far out corner of the map, and produced a few Cloak Generators. By managing his cloaking, he was able stay permanently cloaked.

It is obvious that this move is intended to force players to rage quit = the cloaked player wins!

So this means that my scouts/probes and such can’t ever see him. I was Vagyr, so I couldn’t equip my carriers with proximity sensors. I could however produce the proximity probes, but the map is huge = the 6 (max cap) proximity sensors stood little hope of finding him. I scuttled the sensors, built new ones and sent them out again…rinse, repeat. Doing this, I eventually ran low on RUs. Anyway, I never did catch him (or the first guy when I was first introduced to this rage move).

The map ran out of resources, I found myself crawling around on conventional drives collecting MotherShip remains to keep sending out proximity probes. lol

After about 3 hours, my opponent had enough and quit. I guess it is hard for him to constantly micro his cloak spamming. So the only way to defeat this move is A) get lucky with the proximity probes + get to his location before he can move, or B) go have a meal/watch tv/whatever and come back after he’s quit.

So, I am thinking that the devs might want to increase the max cap for proximity sensors (and maybe lower their cost once researched)…that would have made things SO MUCH EASIER!!!

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If it was me I’d just have quit if a player perma cloaked and never attacked, if I couldn’t find him. Staying in the game to beat his strategy was just daft as it was just a waste of time. If it is no longer fun just quit. Only takes a min to host a new game.

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Lol, fair enough. But I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a win…

Besides, I realised that I didn’t need to actually focus on the game (I played with my dog, cleaned up the room, got a snack, so on), while my opponent had to sit there and spam the cloak button over and over and over and over = I thought it was kind of funny.

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That’s kind of funny. That dude will never get those three hours back. Hope it was worth it!

I definitely don’t think they should change this though. I remember it from the old days!

Wow your opponent sat there for 3h keeping his carrier cloaked?

Bwahahahahahahaha. Good on you for taking 3h of his life that he will never have back.

To be fair, this could be quite and issue if there was a ladder where you can’t simply leave.

Increasing the number of proximity sensors you can have (and reducing their cost) would go a long way to balancing this.

Fastest way to get banned from every future tournament ever.

Makes me wonder… was it him or is he using a bot? EVE’s gotta ban botters all the time…