HW1 collectors > HW2 collectors (MP whine)

HW1 collectors are just superior to their HW2 counterparts.

Firstly, for some reason, HW1 has a higher unit cap for collectors (despite the fact that they have a higher RU load and higher armor).
The only downside to HW1 collectors is their movement speed; it takes longer to move to an expansion for a HW1 player (even though it doesn’t considering HW1 can hyperspace as soon as the game starts but whatever).

I’ve noticed some discrepancy between the survivability of HW1 vs HW2 collectors.
Possibly linked to the unit typing? HW2 collectors are listed as ‘resource-class’, whereas HW1 are listed as ‘non-combat class’.
Whatever the reason, HW1 collectors are ridiculously tough against units which should definately melt them in one salvo. Next time you have a chance, set a HW1 dessie to attack a HW1 collector, and marvel at how the ions do only just half the collectors HP.
This unit has 6000 armour? Meanwhile the same dessie can turn around and melt a lvl1 Hiig torp frigate in a single salvo (12,000 armour).
Alternatively, just watch how fast assault frigates will melt through these collectors in comparison. It took 2 assaults about half the time to kill 5 collectors, compared to a destroyer.

Personally, I don’t think any armour type should have this much resistance against anything to begin with.
But if that’s not going to change, then at least make HW2 collectors have the same armor type.
If you were to make HW1 collectors of the same armour type as HW2 collectors, their armor value would have to be something like 15,000 to account for the firepower they can handle from many (most) damage types.

Finally, I don’t know if its just because HW1 doesn’t have to spend money on upgrades or not, but it seems that in any skirmish/MP match, the HW1 player will never be low on RUs after around 10 minutes.
In fact, its become quite common practice online for HW1 players to regularly donate RUs to their HW2 teammates.
Whether this is down to a difference in collector efficiency or HW2 simply has to spend more RUs to have the same relevance, I can’t say, but this is definitely something worth looking into also.

Actually collectors are ok

OP performed four tests without accounting for human error.
All tests had less than fifteen collectors, which is not something that happens in any good MP match (except 1v1s, perhaps).
Not to discredit these tests, I expect they’re fairly accurate and all information is valuable (as well as OPs time).

Regardless, collection rate was just one of many points I made. Please don’t post a single line without actually addressing anything in the OP…

If HW2 collectors are sub par. Why neuter HW1 collectors? A better direction would be to fix HW2 collectors.

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Both have pros and cons, and in the end the are pretty much balanced, you are only taking the good part of the story and omitting the bad part.

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HW1 collectors are frigate class vessels, bigger and more armor, slower than dirt and piloted by drunken one eyed pirates with glaucoma.

HW2 collectors are faster, smaller, and have academy trained pilots who go by the book.

You say you did 4 test that didn’t account for human error, or where you referring to Ratamaq?

Anyway, HW1 collectors are classed differently and can’t outrun anything but a BC/HC so they have armor to last a bit longer, doesn’t mean it is balanced, that is just the way it is at this point. They can not hyper as they did in the original so they are dead meat when attacked, they barely pick up debris when told to, get stuck in almost every resource patch due to their size and pathing issues, and cost more than than HW2 ones.

Conversely HW2 collectors can outrun most frigates and above, act as salvages for debris, get armor upgrades, cost less, and can repair when research is completed, did I mention they can out run frigates? Oh and they are 61% the cost of a HW1 collector so for the cost of 2 HW1 collectors you get 3 with money left over.

As a mainly HW1 race player I will tell you the reason I have so many RUs mid game. It is because everything above corvette takes so long to build, not because my collectors are better than HW2 ones. I don’t have upgrades to pay for, just slow research and even slower building.

You say you tested, have you played as a HW1 race in more than 50 multiplayer games? If not I think you are missing half the problems present and basing your findings on too small a test group. There are some major issues that still need to be addressed before most people will say the HW1 collectors are better than the HW2 ones.

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Not being able to out run frigates is a serious drawback to lone resource operations. Without a heavy escort they’re sitting ducks.

I think HW1 RUC should get way more damage from big guns and that they should be able to hyper space but other than that i see them pretty much ok