HW1 Corvette flight model + other bugs

Is anyone else happy with the new flight mechanics for corvettes? specifically HW1 vettes as this park and shoot doesn’t sit well with me personally. Is it intended? or a bug?

Like on M2 the Turanic raider missile corvettes just sit there firing missiles. Kinda lame compared to the pre patch vettes or even classic. Searched the forums for an answer but nothing came up really. Also do HW2 vettes act the same as they did pre patch or do they also just park up and shoot or circle strafe super slowly…?

The patch is great but the major things I found is this:

Guarding as ships abandon their guard target to engage the enemy. They should match speed with the guard target and stay with it while engaging the enemy. They shouldn’t leave it.

Campaign scripting needs to be looked at. Multiple missions scripting is shot 1 easy example in in HW1 M1 your never prompted to build a research ship. All missions need to be checked really as I’ve read that HW2 also suffers from this.

After playing a bunch of classic and testing. Corvettes do circle targets when fighting things frigate size and above on any stance even aggressive. However they do it at a faster speed then currently in remastered meaning they are not so weak to getting picked off by ion cannons for example and can keep up with their targets.

However they on aggressive should NOT just park they are not frigates or capital ships. When engaging strike craft they continue this trend of maneuvering while firing but their speed allows them to stay in range whereas currently in remastered they are so slow fighters can outrun them with ease. So recap they are close, they just need a speed and maneuverability increase to act a bit more like the strike craft they are rather than the frigates they are not.

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This has already been noted and is being looked at I believe - cloaked included it in his balance issues thread.