HW1 Gravity Well Generator, when does it inhibit hyperspacing?

Can someone clarify whether or not HW1 gravity well generators only inhibit enemy hyperspace jumps when they are activated?
Also, do they prevent jumping AND stop exit hyperspaces within its radius?

From personal experience, its passive, exactly like grav wells on HW2 ships.

This is how I interpreted what was happening to my ships though, watching the grav well generators. I haven’t however specifically tried it myself.

I was under the impression they only damaged ships passing through, but didn’t actually stop jumps.

the gravewell in HWR does not stop units from hyperspace. In hw1 it used to not only stop them from jumping but getting them stuck.

I thought in HW1, it also just damaged them or something. It definitely worked different than HW2. I don’t remember everything, though.

As an expert in capturing peoples ships jumping in on my gravwells in HW1 I can say they stopped the jumping in and out without closing the gate.This made it easy to let out all those salvettes to capture the stuck ships to increase my fleet. In HW2 they stop them dead in their tracks but they come completely out of hyperspace. Everything pulled out in that way is damaged unless it is larger than a destroyer. So carriers, BC, SY and MSs will take no damage, everything else will.

I’m sorry and I mean no offense but, I really can’t understand what you’re saying. Can you reiterate it more clearly? For clarity’s sake.

They stop jump ins whether on or off. Only need em on to stop strike craft.

Oh? didn’t realize this. And here I was a few times cycling them because I thought they had to be on. They had to be on in HW1 right?

Yes and they also functioned a little differently:

  • Cannot regenerate energy.
  • Maximum of 210 seconds of use.
  • Explodes upon depletion of energy.
  • Ships caught hyperspacing in or out are “trapped” in the process (cannot fire or move but can be shot at) for as long as the gravity well effect is in place.

Making the hyperspace inhibitor effect passive in HW:R is necessary for HW1 vs HW2 race balancing otherwise Kushan/Taiidan motherships end up extremely vulnerable to BC sniping.

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I don’t think a lot of people realize this, but in HWRM the grav well damages itself when turned on, similar to how it exploded before.

Yes, for the full duration of HW:R gravwells of approximately 91 seconds, it takes 25% damage or 3000 HP.
I imagine this was probably some slight preemptive balancing on chaining grav wells.

Hi Major! I would like to see the Gravity Well returned to its original function. It would still be a great deterrent to ‘sniping’. Who wants to risk having their BCs stuck trying to emerge from hyperspace for a couple of minutes while the enemy base fires freely on them?

Would also be useful when enemies try to hyperspace away without first seeing if there are any enemy Gravity Well Generators in range!

Having them also explode at the end of their cycle would also limit their use as OP anti fighter/corvette units! As it is, 2 Gravity Well Generators can permanently freeze dozens of squadrons!


That would be a great idea with one exception. With all the chaos on the battlefield we would need some kind of built-in sensor in order to detect such actions. With doing all the macro/micro actions one would just not notice a lone bc jumping on his carrier/ms.

That would be a very interesting idea but as dragonPSA_RHN pointed out:

Alternatively, if the gravity well generator automatically turned on in the event of ships exiting from hyperspace into their bubble.

Otherwise, Kushan/Taiidan would be expected to keep the gravity wells constantly on and sequentially replacing them with new ones every X minutes just to keep their mothership safe (and to avoid constantly peeking into the sensors manager around their base every 5 seconds for hyperspace exits in progress) which adds an extra level of micro and long-term expense compared to Hiigaran/Vaygr’s passive and permanent hyperspace inhibitors which have a bigger range as well.

Gravity Well Generators have completely different functions in HW1 and HW2!

Gravity Well Generators are separate ships that have have a limited operating radius, the well has to be activated manually and will be deactivated after a certain amount of time to recharge.

The purpose of this ship is to render fighter and corvette class ships useless (trapped) within a limited range (Yours as well as the enemy’s) until the the time runs out. It has no effect on Hyperspace jumps.

Gravity Well generators are Module/Subsystems built into other Capital or Super Capital class ships and are active all the time and have a defined operational radius

The purpose of this Module is to prevent enemies from making Hyperspace jumps to or from any point inside its area of effect. It only effects enemy ships (Your ships will still be able to jump).

Thank You.

You are wrong. While hw2’s grav is the same like it used to be, hw1’s needed the ability to prevent from hyperspace jumps. I’ve successfully trapped my preys and protected myself from bc sniping. Since this is the only alternative to stop enemy I don’t understand why people have complains that this unit is op vs small vessels. We don’t have any other options.



In HW:R it also has the same passive ability to inhibit enemy hyperspacing both in and through it’s sphere of influence much like the HW2 subsystem module although with a shorter range (7 km vs 11 km).

The Gravity Well Generator only needs to be activated to trap strikecraft.

The confusion here stems from the fact that the build menu describes the module as a “Gravity Well generator” (which is the name also shared with the HW1 grav well gen) while the selection info for it has the name “Hyperspace Inhibitor”:

@scole (I hope I’m not annoying the wrong dev for this) for the sake of clarity, the build menu name for the subsystem module should be changed to Hyperspace inhibitor and the name Gravity Well Generator should hereinafter exclusively refer to the frigate-sized strikecraft trapping ship from HW1.


Ah… I didn’t realise they had changed it in HW:R…Yes the names should be changed to avoid the inevitable confusion.

I agree. I believe we inherited that little piece of confusion from HW2 classic.

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