HW1 Heavy Corvette AI - Change from "Gunship" to "Laser Corvette"

HW1 Heavy Corvettes should not be trying to circle a large (frigate+) target - their guns are placed side by side up front. This is similar to the laser corvette, so I suggest changing the AI of the heavy corvette to make it attack in strafing runs as opposed to orbits.

When fighting strike craft the heavy corvette should be trying to face the opponent whenever possible. The advantage it has over lasers in this situation should be coverage and accuracy - the corvette should always have both guns firing in a melee as there are going to be targets surrounding it. However, when given a specific attack order it should try it’s best to bring both guns to bear.

This would make mass corvette attacks somewhat more effective without requiring a major AI change - just substitute the behavior for a pre-existing unit.

Light Corvettes and Multi-Gun are not as egregious, although Multi-Guns should also strafe frigates and capitals as they can fire all 6 guns directly forward.

The proposed changes to the heavy corvette have already been posted. They should Aco more like defenders vs all targets.

Lights and multis will adopt the attack style vs capitals and revert to fighter style fly bys when engaging vettes and below.

That is, if the proposed changes go through. Can’t wait to try them.

This is already how it is internally afaik. Heavy corvs will be using a frontal facing attacking. It’s still subject to change I’m sure, but it’s already been taken note of and is being looked into.