[HW1:R] Docking ships results in engine sound loop

The engine sound of strike craft (corvettes, fighters…) loops after they docked at a carrier. Sound repeats and stutters even when zooming out the scene.

Please add this to your bug tracker. Going nuts about this never ending “brrrrrrr” sound. Only reloading a save ends it - until the next docking maneuver.

Dunno if this bug occurs in HW2:R… Haven’t played it right now.

Best wishes

Confirmed. The sound looping can occur even without any strike craft present/docked/docking- it seems to occur most frequently with the Mothership and carriers, but I’ve also had it happen with support and drone frigates.

Opening the game menu clears it for me, at least in SP.

Yep. Whenever something docks with something else… including resource refineries, the Engine sound keep looping. Hoping this to be addressed soon. Patch 1.23 still didn’t fix it, and it makes carrier assaults a pain in the ear, literally in MP matches, and quite annoying in SP.

Have you guys wrote it to the bug tracker? I was just about to do that, but if you did already…

Hell it sometimes happen when you zoom in-out too fast.

@joekgbx , can you confirm that the team is aware of this? Just want to get it on the radar. I’ve been hoping with each patch it will be addressed. Almost makes a guy want to turn off the beautiful remastered sound if you play with lots of strike craft. If I recall this HW2 bug was eventually fixed in the original release.

Thanks for the continued support of the game.

Hi guys!

The team is certainly aware, but I’ll pass this thread on to them just so they are aware of the conversation. Thank you all, as always, for the feedback!

Pretty sure it wasn’t.

Hey all. Did this ever get onto any bug tracker, and is there a fix in the works or a mod that addresses this? I can confirm that it is present in both HW1:R and HW2:R, and is highly-obnoxious, to the point that I am looking for ways to delete the strike craft and corvette audio files from my game install entirely. From what I’ve seen, it’s present with ANY ship that is capable of docking craft inside of it. Please let me know - I hate having to play with the sound off.


I think I read somewhere that it is going to be fixed in the next patch.

I really hope that this proves to be the case. I’m actually astonished that this particular bug persisted for a year after release. Is there an ETA for the next patch?