HW1 Remastered noob questions

The Repair Corvette and Support Frigate say they refit ships. What does this mean? Also, is there a way to make them repair ships automatically?

How do I use the Drone Frigate? Do I have to manually launch the drones every time?

Is there a way to counter mines?

Is there a way to rotate ship orientation?

Is positional damage a thing? I think the tutorial said the tops and rears of ships take more damage, but did this actually make it into the remaster?

Do formations actually do anything other than change ship positions? Like is there a point to using them?

You can find the answers to these exact questions here

Refit probably means repair. You can use the Y shortcut+bandboxing to repair a bunch of ships at the same time.

Yes you have to manually launch drones (until the timer runs out) They are quite powerful so the additional micro is to make them a bit more balanced.

Kills the minelayer with strike craft. The mines will self destruct after a little while.

Moving the ships in whatever direction is really the only way.

Most ships do indeed have up to 20% less armor on their sides (inc. top and bottom) and their rear. Some ships like HW2 destroyers have normal armor on their sides because they broadside normally.

Currently Formations are modified strike groups. They are useful for keeping ships with different speeds together when moving and to initiate engagements with favorable positioning.