HW1:RM Mission 7 issue and fix relating to Reactive Fleet Slots

In Mission 7, Garden of Kadesh, the size of the enemy forces never increases based on how large your fleet is. This is due to a portion of the Mission07.LEVEL file being improperly coded.

In the original Mission07.LEVEL file, you can actually find the addReactiveFleetSlot lines, but they are in the wrong place. In said file, you have two primary “chunk” functions: DetermChunk and NonDetermChunk.

The problem is that those addReactiveFleetSlot lines are in the NonDetermChunk function, not the DetermChunk function. If you move those lines to the bottom of the DetermChunk function (before the “end” line and after the “addToSOBGroup” lines), then those slots will start working again.

I’d upload an original and then fixed version of the .LEVEL files, but this forum doesn’t allow that. I just thought I’d share this for anyone who felt like they wanted to get swarmed even more during their first encounter with the Kadesh. :yum:


Ya @NoOne fixed this a couple years ago. Its listed here as fixed: HWR Bugs & Solutions. There’s so many campaign bugs that I haven’t detailed all the solutions in the OP yet, but its a wiki post so you can edit it yourself to add more details if you’d like!