HW1 scouts vs HW2 resource collectors

Something I noticed in a recent game I played that kamikaze HW1 scouts are too op vs HW2 resource collectors. It takes only 2 scouts costing 90 RU to destroy 1 collector. That’s a 190 RU trade for 400 RUs and as a bonus your opponent looses any money he would have gained harvesting with the collector. Using this a HW1 player can completely shut down or delay a HW2 player. I think this should be changed.

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The strong RU-efficiency of HW1 Scout Kamikaze has been pointed out to the devs and acknowledged in the Future MP:Beta patches megathread. Just have to wait for balance passes:

It is not just HW1 Scouts by the way:

Oh, ok sorry must have missed that part oh well I guess.