HW1 vs HWR support frigate video

I put this video together just before this awesome bit of news came up.

So hopefully it will only serve to show non HW1 players how support frigates were used (so you know why we were a little upset.)

There was some scope creep in the video and I go into frigate survivability in general between the two games. It’s longer than I originally intended. But if you’ve never heard the 3 songs from 10,000 days combined into the ‘hidden track’ at least after watching it, you will have :smile:

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It’s an extremely powerfull mechanic so I don’t think it’s a mystery to anyone why people would want it in the game :wink:

Great video :smile:

This video pretty much shows why I like the classic hw1 better, you had to apply combat strategies a lot, in hw2 you just need MOAR FIREPOWAR!

Admiral Ackbar’s solution to BCs…“Focus all Firepower on that Super Star BC!”

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The empire knew them importance of taking out the medical frigate.