HW1C vs HW1R Formation Video

Nice one for putting this up Rat. Hopefully this makes sense to the people that just weren’t getting it now. Can I just point out as well the behaviour of ships in different tactics as well (ie. Evasive, scouts bouncing around thus avoiding a lot of enemy fire.) This is what’s missing from our beloved Homeworld… and this is why we are so upset.


Good video.

The way the 'vettes at the end split up and fly each side of their target makes it pretty clear that the HW1 ships are flying as if they have turrets, as that is how HW2’s ships handled attack runs.


Thanks for this video, here’s hoping the devs are watching…


Only time will tell… great video
RIP HW1 till an unlikely fix comes


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Great video, it shows exactly what is wrong with HW1 strikecraft.

The problem is, the moment they fix HW1 strikecraft to behave properly, multiplayer will be hideously imbalanced in favor of HW1. The HW1 races can churn 4x fighter build queues without spending any resources on Fighter Modules… if their strikecraft weren’t broken, everyone would be complaining about how OP the HW1 fighters are.

The current design of multiplayer is almost like what would happen if someone said, “Let’s do a remake of Warcraft II and Warcraft III and put all of the WC2/WC3 races together in multiplayer.” The game mechanics are too different, you’d either have super-cheap WC2 grunts surrounding and killing every WC3 hero, or you’d have the WC3 tauren chieftain killing an entire WC2 army with a single cast of Shockwave.

About the support thing, that latching mechanic is really bad, if they can’t do the heal beam they should think about another mechanism, latching is dumb
I would like to adress this, latching takes a long time to happen, it takes a while till a support ship starts to heal another ship, with the beam they swapped into ships almost instantly, add to that the fact that now ships die sooooo fast, the ttk (time to kill) is really short making support even harder, and pretty much impossible in medium and large battles.
I would suggest the use of a AOE repair, it can use a recharge bar, have a small AOE, limit into a number of supports, idk, it is easy to come up with tweakings for that.



Kadeshi - I’ll second that, the latching mechanism is really really bad. It makes support frigates (which used to be one of the best HW1 units) nearly useless.


An AOE repair would probably be an ok compromise if it was less work than just re-implementing the magic beam (which would probably also fix collectors so may be better anyway) and was sensibly implemented:

Support ships have a maximum healing capacity and a maximum number of simultaneous ships they can heal. Healing is divided evenly between these ships, and if there are more ships than the max in the AOE then the most damaged take priority (and this is checked constantly and healing targets updated). The support ships would also have to know to move to ships that are damaged and not just rely on them being nearby.

That would sorta mimic what they did in HW1.

I say get the functionality working, then work out balancing, not try to balance around broken functionality.

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Spot on rata. Until the game functions properly, dealing with balance is premature.

At this point it’s hard to tell what’s a bug, what’s “working as intended” or what’s an artifact from porting to the HW2 engine.

Formations and maneuvers for HW1R ships are definitely on the team’s radar. Don’t have any more specifics at the moment, but it’s being looked in to for sure.


Uow, nice thx, just to know that those things were not abandoned is pretty awesome, keep on the good work!

@Jeffybug good to hear. I hope it’s possible. Are support and guard systems also on the list to be looked at? While there may have not been as much outrage about those two items because without formations they aren’t as important, they are just as fundemental to HW1 gameplay.

@ratamaq hold g and draw a box around the ships you want guarded, what doesn’t work about that?

They don’t follow

In HW1 if you told any ship to guard another ship, they would obey until you told them otherwise or the unit they were guarding was attacked and they could attack back.

And I mean ANY ship. Even the research ship.

I used to have resource controllers guard resource collectors, that way if the collectors went in different directions the controller would go to the spot between the two and be equal distance.

Oh man im soo glad this topic is up. I know most of use are frustrated playing with no formations and no supports. Its like rebel style hw1 where we dont have formations and dont group our strike craft we just go in and attack. But if we had all the functions we did in hw1 for hwr it would be totally unbalanced for sure. And the guard function was awesome. When you win the fighter battle you usually get your fighters in sphere formation and guard your wall they spam their shooting therefore killing vettes/ cap ships faster. There is definatly fighting strategy for hw1 strike crafts which is totally missing but if everything was implementing would be very unbalanced I think. They have to do more then just formations I hope :stuck_out_tongue: .

Battle balls existed the entire time in HW1. They were and should continue to be considered a valid tactic. The mechanic is used by CPU AI in both the campaign and skirmish matches. They are counterable, by tactics other than battle balls, so there should be no racial balance argument that HW2 races can’t do it. We can’t upgrade, remember? The onus will be on the HW2 players to remember or learn how to counter them. I’m sure EMP scouts would give a battle ball a really bad day. Or just do the normal counter and attack the center ship. If you can’t see that center ship, better research some anti cloaking tech.

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