HW1R Balance Changes and General Feedback


I like some of the balance changes that went into HW1R.

  1. When playing HW1R and HW2R back to back, there is more consistency in how the ships work. Frigates were too strong in the original.
  2. Bombers were useless in HW1, but I used them throughout my HW1R playthrough.
  3. I never built Assault Frigates in Classic. In HW1R they were very dependable ships that satisfied many roles, just as they were described in the lore.
  4. Cruisers are menacing, not just a bigger destroyer.
  5. While neat in some ways and a big part of classic gameplay, formations in Classic were not immersive for me. Essentially, formations combined smaller ships into one “larger” ship. It was like all ships were slaved to one pilot. Although admittedly fun in the original, I prefer not being able to surround capital ships in sphere formation and bully and torture helpless cruisers to death. Capships are menacing and fighter movements don’t allow them to “bully the big kids.”
  6. Multi-gun corvettes don’t murder all strike craft like they were flammable.

Some Cons:

  • The missile destroyer doesn’t have enough oomph.
  • Missile Destroyers fire too slowly.
  • MDs should have more capship stopping power.
  • Because of the unit cap, there is little reason to build them or trade a commissioned destroyer. Assault Frigates have taken up the slack.
  • Support Frigates need more speed/healing range.
  • Turanic and Kadeshi motherships are just big targets. It was “cinematic” for me when the Turanic carrier, flanked by two ion array frigates, engaged my mothership with ion beams in the original.
  • Even if the ramming logic is too difficult for HW1R, they should have forward or broadside ion beams for “scare factor.”
  • For multibeam frigates, even if the spin/raking logic is too difficult for HW1R, the ion beams could be on a “virtual turret” to sweep along a target’s path.
  • Also, I hardly remember any multibeam frigates spawning for them to even be a memory. They were iconic in the original. In HW1R, I feel like only two spawned, and they died quickly.
  • Perhaps multibeam frigates could be given destroyer level hit points to make them more menacing.
  • I think in the last mission an entire enemy fleet was missing. If one wasn’t missing, maybe you should add one! I think the last mission would be more memorable if it had one more fleet to take down.

*For me, the Turanic/Kadeshi motherships and multibeam frigates don’t have to behave like the original! I would be happy if they just did SOMETHING that felt like a threat, so they would at least evoke the same level of urgency they did in Classic.

I think this is important to make this a definitive, complete game.

And finally…THANK YOU for bringing Homeworld back! I hope my list was constructive, with simple ideas that may be considered to make HW1R an enduring classic in its own right.

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I think one of the biggest problems with missile destroyers for me is that they don’t have a definite role. They can’t even take down a single frigate with their special missile volley ability and they aren’t all that good against strike craft. They are decent against corvettes it seems but even then they really do feel lackluster.

Hopefully they will find a place to belong when they start balancing, perhaps via research you can make them either anti strike craft or anti capital or even better yet, make their volley ability shoot different missiles (anti cap ship torpedoes maybe?)

And yes, I definitely noticed the assault frigs increased anti strike craft capability. I find it rather fitting that they have the flack frigate sound bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Also no spin on your completed research vessel! I was so sad when mine didn’t spin :wink:

Formations for fighters are essential for Homeworld 1, and even in the lore their role was to attack big slow ships. Fighters were a good counter against mass capship spam in the original Homeworld. Something I’d like to see in Homeworld 2 , since there’s no real counter to mass Battlecruiser. The RNG hit detection is already making it hard for them and I believe implementing a working formations system will help balancing them.

I don’t think formations will make BCs any less OP than they are now specifically because of the RNG nature of the engine. Might make corvettes and bombers a little bit more effective but won’t stop BCs from kicking dessies in the teeth like they are currently. Can’t wait for them to start with balance changes. That said it does feel like people aren’t making enough use of subsystem targeting. Can neutralize a Vaygr BC 100% with it and a Hiigaran BC close to 80% I think.

Is your head screwed on backwards?
Assault frigates are amazing in classic, they are faster, tougher and have greater ranged than ion frigates and beat them in a fight, I often made assault frigates and skipped straight to destroyers. In remastered they can’t kill corvettes and frigates to the extend they used to. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are vaygr assault frigates with an extra gun and weak slow plasma bombs…making them good against fighters but crap against everything else.

I also miss Destroyers being speedy capital ship killers…I liked they they were only a tad slower than s assault frigates and basically made ion frigates eat their exhaust.

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I have been having great success with assault frigs combined with defence field frigates. I can eat fleets size twice my size no problems.