HW1R Mission 12 Mission Select Description

“The Taiidan set a trap for the Mothership Fleet, but unwittingly deliver them a powerful ally”.

The trap wasn’t for the exiles, it was for Captain Elson. That the mothership ran into it was an accident (and a very bad one for the unprepared Taiidan fleet!)

Not… entirely true. The Empire did indeed set a trap for Elson and his rebel fleet, but it was not at the location where the Imperial forces intercepted the Mothership. That ambush took place at Vorshan’s Rift- Elson’s ship, the Kapella, was among the few to escape the ambush intact, and he elected to flee towards the exiles in the hope of finding common cause with them (note: this info is from the Cataclysm game manual). Their avenue of approach to Hiigara had recently become known to the Emperor, and he had deployed his forces to intercept both the Kushan and the Bentusi, if they should attempt to make contact with the exiles again (which, of course, they did). The description is still in error, though- the Empire didn’t deliver Elson to the Kushan; he delivered himself and the Empire merely failed to stop him from doing so.

Elson is not, in fact, present in the playable area of the map until his appearance is triggered by the defeat of the heavy cruiser that approaches the Mothership from below. At that point, he and a dedicated force of Imperial ships pursuing him (these are also not present until the event is triggered) jump in and head for the Mothership.

My pet theory is that the rebel ships which appear in M16, representing the rest of the forces that escaped the Imperial trap at Vorshan’s Rift, were each assigned to search a different region for the oncoming Kushan fleet before they scattered, and that Elson’s was simply the one that got lucky and found them.

Edit Of course the wiki says something completely different. Doesn’t anybody read existing material before writing new content for this series? Yeesh…

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Welcome to the deep dark pit of lore, enjoy your stay :smiley:

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And it only ever gets darker and more labyrinthine. I cough fondly remember more than a few heated discussions about all the inconsistencies Cata introduced, and that was even written by the same guy who wrote the original game’s backstory! Then HW2 came along, and the entire core of the plot was a giant smouldering pile of retcon… you’d think that I would expect this by now. But no, it somehow manages to blindside me every single time. I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath on Shipbreakers being any more consistent than anything else has been, hmm?

Deep breath.

Stop. Slap! Writing. Slap! Homeworld. Slap! Lore. Slap! Without. Slap! Doing. Slap! Your. Slap! Research!

Aaaactually talking about research. Arinn Dembo is a she and she did most of the lore writing where I believe Martin did the script/campaign design. Also if you check around for some videos and podcasts there are quite a few recent ones that talk about cataclysm and the reason why it feels like it had nothing to do with homeworld. This was actually by design.

The guys at relic or sierra (they come up a couple times during the podcasts and stuff) wanted to immediately cash in on HWs success so they started with making an expansion but then the sales skyrocketed and then they wanted to do a sequel but they had already signed a contract (I think something like that) with barking dog to make an expansion so they did both. Because they didn’t want the story in HW2 to be compromised they told barking dog to not make anything that could change anything big lore wise and probably told them stuff like Kushan were the exiles etc. Remember the story bits and campaign/script usually happen much later in development of a game, sometimes very late.

I would recommend you at least listen to the 2h podcast with Martin from Kerberos that’s floating around.