HW1R Mission 5 Issues

Some of the interceptors have a blue trail, others have a yellow trail. Consistency please?

Resource collectors aren’t counted as destroyed if captured so the enemy carrier keeps spamming fighters after they’re taken.

Two of the 3 destroyers I captured along with an assault frigate turned my team color, while the third and the carrier remained yellow and red.

Capturing the carrier causes it to launch a crap ton of fighters and assault frigates (enemy fighters and assault frigates)

In addition to the above issues on HW1R Mission 5, I too captured instead of destroyed the resourcers and, yeah, the enemy carrier continues spawning fighters and Assault Frigates despite having no resourcers at all. The mission objectives acknowledge the resourcers are ‘destroyed,’ but the resourcers now under your control still have the ‘Destroy’ mission targets on the map.

A worse result occurs after you also capture the carrier, in that the Carrier will continue spawning /enemy/ fighters even though you control the carrier. That should definitely not occur!

I also noticed the Carrier is too large and clips through the Mothership’s door when capturing it.

Only one of the Destroyers you capture carries through into Mission 6. :confused:

I am unable to complete the mission after capturing the carrier, one of the destroyers, and some resource collectors. I can’t find any other ships and the carrier and collectors are still labeled as an objective.

Avoid capturing the resource collectors as I learnt the hard way and it will go on as expected.

I was able to get 3 collectors, 3 assault frigates , 2 destroyers and the carrier. Only one destroyer and frigate was remarked in my colors. I couldn’t tell if the collectors were, I didn’t pay close enough attention to them.