HW1RM Cloaking Bug Persists post-2.0 Patch

First - thanks for the hard work, the new patch is fantastic.

After getting my fleet back via the June 10th update (the persist files didn’t work properly before that update), I dropped into Bridge of Sighs to test cloaking. It’s still not working: cloaked ships are spotted and attacked like any other ship. Additionally, the AI fleets positioned near the hyperspace inhibitor still act goofy - think tangled balls of capital ships - and remain uncloaked, despite their cloak field generators being in formation. No idea if cloaking works in MP.

Any chance that this bug will be patched? Thanks!

There’s always a chance any bug will be patched, sure :wink: This is the first I’ve heard of this, so we’ll investigate - thank you!


I’ve brought the cloak fighter bug up over a year ago and on other occasions. It never was addressed.

@bitvenom: Cloak hasn’t been working in RM since day of release as far as I can tell. :wink:

In short terms: The thing about them not working is that ships still get detected without having enemy proximity sensors or hw2 capable detection ships nearby. So in essence they aren’t really cloaked in the first place. In vanilla hw1 they insta cloaked the moment the Gen was activated and stayed cloaked till they started firing or got detected. If there was no enemy proximity sensor nearby they would even re-cloak once their firing volley had ended giving them some sort of protection against counter fire till their next firing cycle. This would last till either the gen ran out of power or somebody brought in a proximity sensor to constantly uncloak the enemy fleet.

If you folks could get it to work like that again it would be in Hw1 faction spirit and additionally add a significant importance to have more proximity sensors around the map. Not to mention the cloak generators themselves as important new asset for mp.

Another thing not working regarding the Campaign are the Gravity wells. The AI is supposed to fire them in the mission where the Taiidan ambush you with them and a missile destroyer. The only time it does use it is pre-scripted at the start of the mission. 2,3 additional grav wells flying around the map weren’t used by the AI.

In skirmish games the AI seems to ignore cloak gens and Grav wells all together.

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Getting more HW1-like, cloak between attack runs behavior as described by Goose3 is probably #2 on my wishlist for deeper changes to the engine at this point, but I wasn’t aware of the broader problems the thread starter is describing.

I’ll second that!

Cloaking works fine in MP (I would know right? :wink: ). Just be sure to set your units to passive.

I tested and your right - the AI disregards cloaking, and is able to attack cloaked units.

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Hey Bit, can/should this thread be moved to the new changelog sub forum that you recently created, so that it can potentially be assigned a number and tracked?

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If the chances of fixing this bug drop to zero, consider removing cloak generators and fighters from the game, unless there’s a point for them to be present and not working?