HW2 Classic CTD Error

My friend recently got HWR but cant launch Homeworld 2 classic.

He gets a black screen with sound a a flickering cursor. Then CTDs.

He has dual r9 290x’s and we already tried the atioglxx.dll fix which didn’t work.

I will upload the error log and his DXDiag log.

If someone can be off help that would be much appreciated.




Error Log:

Besides getting the latest graphics drivers, try the -nopbuffer command line argument.

You can try putting it here: Steam library->right click HWR->Properties->Set Launch options.
Or here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=703110869833492&set=a.349433545201228.1073741826.100004037567699&type=1&theater
Or create a shortcut to the homeworld2.exe file, and add it.

Ty for the help but already got it fixed.

Forgot to say it in this thread haha.

Oni from the Complex team helped me fix the problem, but still thanks for the help.