HW2 Corvettes... something needs to be done

I just finished a game on Kharam Wreck and I am shocked.
So immediately as the game starts I move my carrier towards the enemy expansion to the north-west. I used a force of scouts to fight off the enemy carrier. I transitioned from scouts, to interceptors to bombers and finally assault frigates. I managed to destroy the enemy carrier without getting any hits on mine and a relatively good force still alive. Of course I lost…

Missile corvettes… That is how my enemy defeated me… full spam of those things… I understand them defeating my fighters, but why the hell are they able to defeat my fighters, destroy my Assault Frigates, which should counter them, then destroy my carrier, all my resource collectors and then finally the mothership.

Maybe I did something wrong… i dont know. And yes I did destroy the corvette module, multiple times. My bombers died to the corvettes and by the time I got a new group out it was too late.

Idk how I can give constructive criticism because I do not know the game enough to make a proper evaluation, but HW2 corvettes need to be looked upon. One type of ship should not be able to do so much especially be able to destroy Carriers and Frigates better than bombers.

I am hoping that maybe someone might know the secret of dealing with these.

Well, vgr strike crafts are particularily good, and the HW1 races don’t current have a hard counter to corvettes like pulsar gunships or torpfrigs. I’d have to look again at my graphs which I don’t have here, but your best bet would probably be missile destroyers or a wall of inties.

Last I checked, HW1 assault frigates aren’t as good against strikecrafts as vgr assfrigs.

The problem is, I have to research, build and field some very expensive ships to deal with something so cheap and easily spamable.
Its the same as the Battle cruiser argument. How do you counter them? Have more of them than the enemy. (At least its not as bad as battlecruisers but early game they might as well.

I really hope Gearbox fixes Kushan/Taiidan both their AI and stats.

List of counters (including counters in next patch!) for early HW2 corvette rushers.

  1. Once the Devs fix the Gravity Well Generator vs Vagyr Corvettes in the next patch = that will be a HUGE help against HW1 strikecraft/Corvettes!

  2. Massed Defenders + Assault Frigates will do in Missile Corvettes. Take advantage of your dual production! You’ll effectively have 4 production ships (dual carrier/MS) VS HW2 1 carrier + 1 mothership. You should win this attrition fight!

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Thank you! Strange that the anti-fighter defender can put up with the Corvettes.

Anyone know how Drone Frigates stand up to HW2 corvettes? That might be a third counter!

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Defenders in HWR currently are massively inferior to interceptors - they cost more, require more research and actually have less DPS than inties against all ship types. Skip them entirely and build mass inties instead.


I know the unit types of the game. Defenders are classified under the Anti-Fighter class. They are very slow and not maneuverable. Defenders being able to defeat corvettes comes at a surprise since said corvettes are anti-fighters, that work even better against slow craft of said class.

And excuse me for having an issue with a single unit type being able to easily counter fighters, bombers, corvettes, frigates and my capital ship.

And dont say Grav Gens, right now they dont work on Vaygr Vettes, they will fix it.

Erm… it sounds like you were playing the HW1 race.

No, Vaygr corvs aren’t really OP, besides lasers doing double to frigates. HW1 ships are all just really underpowered.
Hiigaran wrecks missile corvs with their torp frigates, which come out around the same time.

I don’t even believe defenders will do well vs them. Defenders die to a single missile, while they only do about 4DPS versus corvettes(which have 400-640hp, depending on upgrade level). So it’s 100 seconds to kill an unupgraded corvette… if it’s not moving and stuff.

You can use this mode if you want to play the HW1 race and have a chance against the HW2 ones. It fixes grav wells not working on Missile/Laser Corvs as well:

Light corvs and heavy corvs will do alright against Missile Corvs. Assault frigs should do alright too.
But missile corvs are supposed to be good against corvs, so I’m not sure. They should not get stomped, but they probably won’t win cost:cost.
Some light corvs will at least buy you time to get assault frigates out. Drone frigs should also do well.

Drone Frigates are incredible, I had 3 of them wipe a blob of Laser 'vettes I had, who were focus firing on a Battlecruiser. Didn’t think they’d go down so fast

Drones do 39 damage at 29.5% accuracy vs corvs and a 21% damage bonus. So 13.9 dps ideally. (but from what I’ve seen, real accuracy is lower. Accuracy is probably lowered against fast moving objects) It’s 11.7% vs fighters and a 27% damage penalty.

In practice, they’re definitely good. Each drone frigate is equal to roughly 40 Defenders. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the single legitimately good unit a HW1 race has.
Well, Defense Fighters are quite good too.

Flak, though, are just as strong with their double damage bug. So yeah, Drone Frigates are probably twice the damage they should be if Flak got their double damage bug fixed.

Oh, and I have to say, I generally don’t understand the point of damage bonuses with reduced accuracy in most cases.
Like in this case Drone frigs get 21% damage bonus, so 47.19 damage per hit.
Corvs have 400 to 640 hp, so they die in 9 or 14 hits.
Due to 29.5% hit chance, the drone generally has to fire about 31 times to hit in an ideal situation (Or 3 shots per group of drones. With how HW2s targetting ai works, I imagine they volley up like that)
If there was no damage bonus, and instead a 36% hit chance, it would be the same 31 times to hit.

Maybe I’m missing something… Like maybe it’s due to the way true statistical probability to hit works out differently in a real game than their base hit chance. But in such a case, accuracy could just be higher still, or whatever.

I always won battles against missile vette spam using interceptors and light vette rush, except one time that the enemy team pulled out a bug abuse on me, i were fighting the missiles and the other guy on the enemy team rushed a grav, and jumped it into the fight, got my swarm disasble while the missile were free to shoot, kinda lame bug abuse but yeah.
You need to micro a lot killing the damaged groups first, don’t let them dock to repair. Also avoid fight near a enemy carrier or MS, you will lose a few fighters to the carrier/ms guns, and it is easier to the enemy dock.

While the numbers would seem to indicate this is true, real world experience shows just how bad theory crafting is using numbers. Interceptors spend too much time in fighting runs so do far less damage to fighters and corvettes than defenders do. Defenders are just plain nasty, yeah you spend more money on them but they are worth it for static defense.

Defenders are definitely better than their stats suggest, due to their range and the way they track targets.

But it’s also still true that you can get out 6 or 8 interceptor squads pretty easily before the first defender comes out. If you destroy the research vessel, which will die fast to those 8 intercepter squads with no defense, defenders aren’t coming out at all and the game is over.

Defenders are only good when the enemy gives you a good 6 or 7 minutes of breathing room to actually get them out in mass.

Drone frigates are monsters. Pair them with gravwell generators and you’re literally immune to strike craft.

It depends how many missile corvettes vs how many assault frigates. If you have something like 3 assault frigates, and he has 14 squads of corvettes, of course you gonna lose.

One more thing to keep in mind with assault frigates (HW1) against missile and laser vettes. You have to micro the attacks, all ships in HW:RM will split targets as soon as a target dies. It is important when using assault frigates that you make sure they target one squad at a time as a group otherwise you will never win. I’ve has success with 4 assault frigates and at least 2 support (supporting) taking out 6 missile vette squads. It isn’t easy, it takes a massive amount of time away from the big picture but it can be done. Keep building the frigates and when you have 8 or more the task becomes easy and micro is not needed. By that time you should have desties building though.

Good thing they come out around the same time as Destroyers do.

Missile corvettes do double damage in Remastered due to a bug affecting sphereburst weapon effects (this also applies to Flak Frigates). That’s why Missile Corvettes are able to beat frigates, resource collectors and Carriers so easily.

Homeworld 1 races are very underpowered at the moment. Bombers in HW2 (and by extension HWR) are only good for one thing and one thing only: killing subsystems. Don’t use them to attack capital ships or frigates - you will have better luck with Pulsar Gunships/Missile Corvettes/Laser Corvettes.

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I’ve had reasonable success vs missle vets going full open swarm and mixing defense fighters. You need a good size group of them (10 to 15) mixed in with interceptors, but the work. Vaygr vets to me seem a little harder to micro attack due to the way they split and orbit, so you need to stay on the ball with the group you’re attacking.

By the way, for those counting bugs. Defense fighters shoot down alli propelled munitions also. So keep them away from alli torps/destroyers/missile vets/etc.

Laser vets are the ones you really need to worry about. Those things are nasty.