HW2:R, Less Detailed Textures then HW1:R?

I noticed that the textures for Homeworld 2 Remastered are not nearly the same Quality in which Homeworld 1 Remastered is.

Has anyone else noticed this ? I am playing both with the 8k texture res options @ 1080p with everything maxed out but DoF, which is set to cinematics only.

Yes and I’m sure other people have noticed this as well. It’s pretty obvious on some ships. The window lights at the front of the Higararan shipyard for example are very low res, atleast for me at max settings.

If you look at the pictures of mlr321’s topic you can see it clearly.

I have to admit that I’m slightly dissapointed by this, but this can be fixed by mods in the future. :wink:

It seems obvious that they concentrated pretty much 95% of their efforts (at least, graphically) on HW1… Which makes the gameplay issues with HW1 even more disappointing to me…

This game could’ve probably used another month in final dev. It would’ve still been buggy, I’m sure, but hopefully much less so and not nearly as damaging to their reputation in my eyes. Because there’s no way closed beta didn’t notice a lot of these. It’s just that they likely decided they weren’t worth fixing compared to bigger issues in their limited timeframe. And that’s just what has to happen, I suppose. I just wish we didn’t have to wait for patches.

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Lets hope they actually patch some of these said issues, like the models and textures in HW2:R and the AI, Formations and Tactics in HW1:R.

An I agree, they put ALOT more effort into the HW1:R models and textures then HW2:R, and personally I always liked HW1 more, but making it use HW2 AI etc is just Wrong IMO lolz.