HW2:Remastered Campaign Manual Jump Mod - WIP / Proof of Concept

One thing that’s always driven me up the wall with Homeworld 2 is the weird decision to force players into the next mission as fast as humanly possible. As soon as the last objective is complete, BLAM - “Resources Collected” and you’re off to the loading screen. No time to assess your fleet, rebuild lost ships, or just admire the scenery for a bit and catch a breather before the next big crisis. Sure, the benefit of quickly collecting all RU’s left in the map was nice, but it otherwise seriously screwed up the pacing of the game for me.

So now that the Remastered version is out, I was wondering how difficult would it be to port this functionality from the new HW1 campaign into HW2’s campaign?

Not hard, apparently:

I’ve never modded Homeworld 2 before, but this only took me an evening to figure out. I basically just shifted over a few of the HW1-specific lua scripts that had been written, then modified several things in the included Hyperspace jump script (as well as the M01 script) to make it happen in an HW2-friendly way.

Although as you can see, this is still a WIP - the ship counter doesn’t work correctly yet, and the mothership actually doesn’t jump when the last ship is finished launching (I still have to sort of mash the quick dock button to make it go at the end). I’d also like something to disable quick-docking if the player is being actively attacked to make it like the original game (or was that just Cataclysm?), but that can wait.

Just wanted to throw this up though as an example of some new, easier ways we can potentially improve the game - I’m not sure if anyone ever got a good mod for this working for the original HW2, but this is the very first kind of thing I wanted for the Remastered version. Sorry that I don’t have a download yet - there’s a lot of mission event tailoring that needs to happen to make this work correctly (in a way that makes sense). If I ever find the time to actually finish this though, I’ll be sure to put it up – assuming someone else doesn’t beat me to the punch.


Sign me UP!

I started HW2 RM last night and was really put off by all this. I mean I got to mission 5 in very short order and was thinking “wow this isn’t as deep as HW1” …No relaxing moments to check out my fleet and gather resources…just "GO GO GO "…yuck…

Interesting mod, Gluck with it.

Well to be fair in HW1 you had this long epic journey across the galaxy to get to your home world. In HW2 your planet was under attack and every second actually mattered. In that sense I think getting the feeling of Go GO Go isn’t wrong necessarily :wink:


Ook, yeah good point but I don’t like it haha :grin:

It definitely fit the narrative of the game, but taking control of mission progression completely away from the player when the manual system worked fine in the original was the wrong approach, IMHO. Instead, there should’ve been a factor of escalating risk the longer you waited around; you could take a few minutes to take stock of everything, but the longer you waited the higher the risk of getting jumped or having something else bad happen. You’d give the player back control, and add tension to the game. And you could still make “Quick Dock” harvest all available resources on the map for when you’re ready to roll.

Heck, something like that might still be possible to mod in to the campaign.


Probably wouldn’t even be that difficult. Auto-balancing was one bugbear of the original HW2, and auto-jumping was another. So instead, how about an auto-balance script that adjusts based on the amount of time you spend collecting resources at the end of the mission? If you have a large fleet, auto-balance will accumulate quickly and you need to jump out fast in order to not get mobbed. If you have a small fleet, the auto-balance will be much more forgiving and you can stay and harvest without affecting the next mission too much.

The effect of all this is to normalize the starting fleet+resources of each mission without taking away the player’s sense of agency. I’m not 100% up to speed on HW2 modding anymore, but I think this is all doable in mission scripts.

Just putting in my support for this.
Please finish it! :smiley: