HW2 RM Mission6 never ends...?

So I got the oracle ( mission5 ) and it lead / Hijacked me to where the movers (enemy NPC) hang out.

My Mothership made the X amount of in map jumps closer to the edge of the map, I salvaged one of the movers as part of the mission obj and researched the tech.

Alls great, I can kill them easy enough but … I have been killing them now for 2 hours (not kidding) they just keep coming! I had 30k RU and a maxed out fleet ( well I didnt have all the carriers but…) and I am not down to 20k RU due to the movers getting in a good shot here n there.

I do not mind loosing ships but what is the scripted trigger here to end this? kind of silly. The current and only MISSION OBJ is to destroy the movers " Defend the fleet". well I have the enemy to the point I am camping the debris fields and killing them darn near as soon as they spawn. except for the few that get in a good shot or two.

I love a good long mission and maybe I am missing something obvious here? I dunno but 2hrs now and well the fun parts about gone haha

Ok 4 hours now,

I walked away and have been checking on it every 20 minutes or so… no change.

I saved the progress ( or lack there of) and did a restart…same thing. the Mothership never moves up to the derelict object after the last mini jump it make…well it moves about 3/4 of the way then wont move anymore.

Is there a mod I can type into my save games files or anything to just be done with this?

No one else gotten this far yet? I

Definately something wrong, I completed it no problems.

Strange that a mission restart didn’t fix it. the only other thing I can think of (thats going to suck a bit) it to load a save game from previous mission (one of thr auto saves close to the end, finish it again and try again. Definately worth a bug post in the mega thread.

This mission was a bit confusing to me, but I didn’t get stuck like you mentioned. Mission 7 is the one giving me problems. For mission 6, is the only goal to defend the mothership while it hop-skips across the map? I don’t think I ever really salvaged anything after docking my marine frig w/ the Oracle.