HW2 Ships - Probes


I’m thinking of getting back to an old project of creating a new race for HW2 (the GAUDR).

So I thought to start my research with probes and modules, so this thread is being opened to discuss the 6 probes of HW2.
I’d like to know your game experience with them:

  • Do you use all of them? What do they lack?;
  • Does VGR and HGN probes are symmetric in stats? I know I can check
    the ship files, yet I’m trying to make you remember things from your
  • Let’s imagine a decision: would you like to see a game with better probes without a scout, or would you prefer keeping the scout?;
  • What would you like to see in terms of stats changes? Animations? Micromanagement?;
  • Last time I played HW1C, the probes were much better and there was fun to manage them in-game compared to HW2. What do you think about that?;
  • I’m thinking about the Geo-probe: you send it to asteroids to reveal their potential resource provision, but that take a time before a result. Also, you would start a skirmish AWAY from the nearests resource field. What woud you do? Would you use this probe or simply spread the collectors in many directions? One last feature of this scenario is that you start the game with 3 or 4 bomber squadrons (as well as the CPU players), besides the MS and the carrier;
  • I’m also thinking of having a probe launcher in all ships from frigates going upscale and it would be deployed like a torpedo. Also, it will have a margin error on deployment - not necessarily will it stay exactly where you’ve placed it. Accuracy maybe on late game (feature for all ships, so HGN and VGR would be altered to match this feature).

So, what else can we discuss about it?
After we are done with this, coming next: HW2 Ships - Fighters (scout and interceptor), in some days or weeks.

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I like your concept of a new race and the story behind it.
Probes: Not too many different kinds. Keep it simple and functional. A probe should be capable of carrying out many tasks.
Scouts: Scouts are indispensable. Scouts are multipurpose and can be used in a variety of different roles.
Mobile vs static: Mobile is always better. Static emplacements are not good for a game that is in motion.
Microing: Micro management is good as long as it’s purposeful. Having to assign every salvager to a target individually is not good micro managing. “hint”
Resource pockets: Probes are not a good choice for this since the sensors manager shows resources very well. It’s built in. Big asteroids = big RUs.
Probes on all ships is an excellent idea. I’ve suggested this approach to STC in the past. The probe would be launched with special abilities keys. It would be temporary and have a trajectory. Does not stop. Does not slow down. Once it’s out of range it is gone. Could be very useful for minute by minute intel.


Thanks for the inputs, I’ll check what can be done with the resource pockets. I thought once about a map without any innitial information, but I don’t know, the desolation would be sad. By buit in you mean we can’t hide the asteroids in sensor manager? Or give them a tactical icon, like a dot?..

The size of asteroids in sensor manager are presented according to their RUs? I mean, if I place an asteroid with ZERO RUs, it won’t be in sensor manager?

I just meant that resources/asteroids are usually related to RUs and asteroids are not hidden in the sensors manager so a probe to detect resources would be of minimal use unless it’s a pocket that has already been mined. Then a probe would detect this.

I think the asteroids show up whether they have resources or not.

He means you can’t hide the asteroids in sensors manager, they are part of the landscape and provide landmarks.

The size of the asteroids do not change when you go into sensors manager, it’s just common sense that a larger asteroid would contain more RU’s. This is taken into account when creating them. The size of an asteroid doesn’t scale in the sensors manager according to RU’s.

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Hmm, so that will be useful …

Just a heads up on launching probes from all ships- unless it’s changed from the original HW 2, the ship in question needs the “can build” ability and a launch path for the probe to take. My build menus got very cluttered very quickly, so figuring out how to switch it to a special button and not add a build menu would be a plus

Using a weapon slot as a probe would alleviate that clutter. Getting the (missile) weapon to show the data is another issue. Getting it to target where you want it is another. I’m wanting to do something like this for Star Trek Continuum.

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In my mind, it would be a key that works like the MOVE command - after you press it, as you move the mouse, the disk expand as well. After you click it, the current action of the probes take place. So making this bridge is probably the pain of the feature.

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What I would like to see in probes, in order of preference.

  1. I would like to be able to either WATPOINT a probe, or move it again (even if only a select amount of times).

  2. BEACON PORBE - A probe that can hyperspace in the location I tell it. This probe’s purpose would be a beacon to other players. The probe would have small and have some blinking light, perhaps 3 different colors to choose from… RED - “LOOK HERE DANGER DANGER”, GREEN - “LOOK AT ME I AM TELLING YOU SOMETHING I AM GOING TO DO ALLY” and PURPLE - “ALLY HYPERSPACE TO THE BEACNON” and if they do the ship hyperspace to that location without the player having to draw the location in zoom out mode.

  3. DECOY PROBE - A probe that replicates a ship of choice for a limited amount of time for decoy reasons.

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