HW2 squadrons getting stuck in HW1 Support Frigates and Resource Controllers?

I assume people have noticed this: that if a HW2 fighter group docks with a HW1 Support Frigate or Resource Controller, then the dead squad members get rebuilt, but stay inside of the larger ship until it blows up. I’ve been trying to get them to stop docking together, but they keep doing it no matter what I try in the .ship file. Weird.

Has this issue been fixed? Or maybe is there a file somewhere that determines which units can dock with other units?


Issue is already known. The current solution is to just disable docking other race ships.
Otherwise, it’s always good to let others know of any bugs or issues that you find :slight_smile:

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Okay, yeah I figured it had to be a thing, but I didn’t know if it was solved.

I tried all of the combinations of:
NewShipType.dontDockWithOtherRaceShips=1 or 0
NewShipType.ignoreRaceWhenDocking=1 or 0

and I couldn’t get them to stop docking, but now I know what I was doing wrong:

This setting in the ship-that-docks, stops them from docking with other races:

BUT not if you own the other-race-ship that they should dock with. So don’t capture those ships from other races and the problem should hardly ever come up.

Very good, I was thinking that I would have to get rid of the docking ability of the repair ships and change the HW1 resource controllers into the HW2 models. That would REALLY solve the problem I guess, but that might be changing people’s strategies with the HW1 guys too much. And then the HW1 models wouldn’t be used.

I might end up doing that anyway though, since I wanted to give the HW1 guys some squadroned units. The repair abilities would be beefed up, so the support units aren’t completely useless. Have to think about it…

Thanks for the help!

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You could try updating the pre-2.0 hods to allow the ships to spawn correctly. Thou i dont know if the models where changed post 2.0 . If that is the case, there is a work around to get the new textures and models from the newer hods, but more work is required .
If that is a path you might try, i could offer assistance in helping to get the older remastered hods and getting the newer models and textures (if required). But the actual modding of the hods (except basic CFHodEd) is outta my league… I dont think it should be that difficult (unless more was changed post 2.0). But again, that is up to you.

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Thanks, but I decided a while ago that I was just going to use existing models for the first version of the mod. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to play it. I was messing with the models before, but editing the examples or any existing model was totally clunky and I think it might be better just to pretty much start from scratch as far as all of the nodes go. I guess the Models could be used from previous versions, but the textures would have to be updated.

I might come back to it though. This thing was going to be Battleship Zeus (which is now pretty much Makaan’s Revenge, which uses Sajuuk as its model, but with different weapons and abilities):

I managed to get it in the game, but it had a LONG way to go until it would actually be playable, and I have to learn how to texture. Maybe later. The mod is still totally fun with the models out of the SP game.

Did you make that in SolidWorks?

Yeah, I use solidworks for work, so I can pretty much draw anything I can imagine in it. Then I transferred it to Blender as an .STL file. Then I inserted it in the Multi-gun corvette example, and got it into the game like that. But then I stopped messing with it because I don’ t know how to texture and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to buy a drawing program to get all of the textures going, like the one that shows depth. I’ll learn Blender for real when I get some more time, but I want to get a good public draft of the mod out first. Then maybe I’ll make some new models: the Taiidan get the Multi-Beam Dreadnaught, that looks just like the other one for now, but I might change it later. Then the Vaygr get Makaan’s Revenge which is based on Sajuuk, and totally fits, you don’t want to let them build that thing :wink: but the model is gigantic, kind of too big to maneuver sometimes. So I might use the model above and make it a little bit bigger than a dreadnaught.

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Aww yeah dude that’s awesome. I knew it was SolidWorks, I’d recognize that program anywhere.

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I’m not sure solid works is the best tool to be using - those fillets it has generated are just not right for a ship of that scale. Your ship ends up looking like a handheld metallic object, because that is what the tool is designed to model…

I would recommend moving to blender sooner rather than later. The tool you choose will influence the way you model.

I would recommend gimp for texturing. It is free :slight_smile:

I can make everything in the geometry look just the way I want in SW; I just didn’t want to spend too much time on it if I wasn’t going to be able to get it in the game anyway. I think it looks okay. Kinda Vaygry.

I tried using Blender, but I think I need to sit down and just do a tutorial, because seriously, I was starting to feel like a monkey trying to f a football using that thing. :smiley:

Can Gimp make the texture with the relief information? That’s the one I’m really worried about. I think I’ll be able to fake the other ones somehow.

There is a normal map plugin for gimp. I use it and I find it does the job. You paint relief in gray-scale and it converts that to normal mapping suitable for HODOR.

Which plugin is that?

I think it is this one: