HW2C Gone flakey?

Spending some time testing things in HW2C today and it’s acting funky. The issues are intermittent, in one case it stopped loading UI bitmaps while selecting maps and continued not loading them after starting a game proper, and in two other cases it loaded up and the froze and flickered rapidly for several seconds before crashing. I haven’t yet caught it doing this in unmodded HW2, but the mod files have never caused these problems before and the fine modification time suggests the Homeworld2.exe was changed yesterday when the patch came out for HWR.

Edit: The flickering failure seems related to alt-tabbing in and out. Never had a problem with that in the past

My understanding is that we actually don’t rebuild the classics any longer - this patch was very small (~35MB?) - mostly re-org scripts. So the HW2C you had 2 months ago, and this one, should be the same…

I’m just going off the file modification date, which is now 8/13/2015 1:08 pm, a minute after the mod date of HomeworldRM.exe and all it’s .dlls. It could be that steam touched it without changing anything of note I suppose, I’m not privy to the details of how steam updates things.

It’s possible the flicker crash has been there all along, it seems to only happen if the game is running in fullscreen rather than windowed and I generally run it windowed. Haven’t gotten the graphic loading issue to recur yet in either context.

Also I just checked, and the version string changed. 1.26 the last time I posted about HW2C issues, 1.28 now.

Yeah, we’re 1.29 now (in RM, C won’t change) - so I think the EXE updated from 1.26 to 1.28? We really didn’t change any code in the past 2+ months, and this EXE is the previous patch’s EXE (literally).

Not really sure what to tell you - that old codebase is insane…

well, it’s not blocking me from getting things done now that I’ve figured out how to avoid the flicker crash, so I’m not intending to make a big fuss about it, just reporting what I’m seeing.

Thanks! Generally the issue is going to be related to what monitor you’re spawning FS - the old code doesn’t understand mutli-mon very well (HW1 is circa 99, multimon was super rare). I believe it will be better on another screen. If indeed you only have one, it may be having trouble just properly setting windows up to be FS.

We may have to give that a bit more attention now that win10 is here. Are you running with WinXP compat turned on?

No comparability settings, win8.1(not bit the bullet on installing 10 yet), geforce 840M, it is multi-screen but running it on the other isn’t a great option as I’m doing this on a docked laptop, so the other screen is relatively tiny.

Maybe try turning on XP compat for that app? It may help.

The crash is pretty reproducible, so I gave that a shot and it had no effect. I bundled up the logs and dumps in case they’ll help. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/896078/VG/HomeworldR/08_14_2015_1330.zip

Additional: Turns out launching HW2C from the launcher instead of from shortcut fails reliably.


Happens with or without mods. HWR and HW1C work. Tried it on different hardware(a machine I’ve installed Win10 on in fact) and didn’t have any trouble there, so it could be an isolated problem. Doing an integrity check and rebooting had no impact.

Hrm, that is indeed not cool. Lemme see what we can figure out to help… very weird.

Heya, are you sure your launch options are 100% empty? Nothing in Steam, etc?

Yup. Double checked just now, nothing in the launch options.

Heya, get me a ZIP of this new crash too? We won’t probably get much over weekend, but we’ll look!

I don’t see any logs related to this, it never actually launches Homeworld2.exe and nothing in \Homeworld\HWLauncher looks like a log or has change dates more recent than yesterday’s update. Is there anywhere else I should be looking?

Ah, yeah, I’m dumb. That’s the launcher going belly up. Ugh. Nobody here is seeing this… so I may contact you via PMs later - maybe get you a build to help us gather info, etc. For this weekend though, there’ll be no action.

Perfectly understandable. Everyone ought to have a weekend. If and when there’s anything I can do to help though, just let me know.

I can now bafflingly report that despite reliably reproducing when posted, the launcher issue is gone. The fliccker crash isn’t though.