HW2R Classic Fleet Intelligence VO mod

Let me present you my first Homeworld2R mod. It’s name speaks for itself.

When I first saw HW2R mission 2 gameplay video I was utterly
disappointed with Gearbox’s decision to redo the Fleet Intelligence
voiceover, because I find Eli Gabay’s voice acting and tone more fitting
to the game. I was surprised by fact that no one bothered with this
“issue” to date and decided to make the mod myself. It took one evening
to finish and here it is.

So enjoy the mod and if you did please spread the word!

Steam Workshop link

P.S. Damn that guy has a lot of lines!


Although I prefer the new voice, this is pretty neat. Nice work!

I wish to ask, have you stumbled upon the radio chatter? Do you think it’s easy to replace them?

Thanks! Regarding the chatter it’s relatively easy to replace them. You just have to decrypt and extract game_root\HomeworldRM\Data\EnglishSpeech.big with some .big file extractor (I use unfBig 1.4.1). Then locate the sound files you want to change in sound\speech\allships and replace them with yours. It is worth mentioning that “radio” effect is applied to the sound file in real time by the game engine (I belive it’s done via .lua scripts, but not sure), so you can import clear speech into your mod.

Links that can help you:
How to Convert Homeworld 2 Music to MP3
How to Import Sound Into Homeworld 2
How to upload a MOD for Homeworld Remastered
Homeworld Universe Mod Tools

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Whoa, I was expecting much less, thanks a lot, dude! I have three busy weeks ahead but I want to try my hand at replacing some lines. I’m saving this post until then :blush:

Glad to help! :wink: