HW2R Final mission, missing a significantly important song

I posted about this in the feedback thread awhile back. But I thought I’d create its own thread, sense it no doubt is buried in all of the other stuff going on. But did any of you HW vets play through to the end, and notice one of the songs that was really imo critical to the story, is missing? I find it really odd that it would be removed, without any explanation. This is part of the hw2 soundtrack, it’s not something like the YES song, that would require any additional effort to use in the game. Is it possible its a bug that is preventing the song from playing? I just don’t see any reason it would be intentionally removed, sense hw2 is pretty much the same game as it was before, just made a little shinier.

Original Cutscene/Song from last mission in HW2 Is anyone else not getting this song, or is it just me? If it is happening to everyone, does it bother anyone else that it is missing? I feel like its one of those really important things for the game to have. It just gives you that feeling of hopelessness or critical urgency. Please if possible restore this to the game.


I read another thread on reddit about this, so my guess is you’re not alone. (I have yet to complete the HW2R campaign though). This song has a very emotional impact on the player, and if this is truly a bug, it should be fixed.


This was missing for me also, +1


And for me as well. How was this not noticed before release? Did the testers never even play HW2C?

Same here, finished 2 remastered campaign, i’ll confirm the existence of this bug, when the ancient planet killers came in, the song announcing them dont comes in, the same battle music than plays in the level continues.

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I just played that mission and wondered why it’s not came. it’s probably a bug since the planet killer’s sfx also doesn’t play. I hope they will fix it soon.

Rly? that song is not in HW2R? I cant belive, it is my favorite song in HW2 =/

I remember i liked to paly one map in HW2 multiplayer just cuz had this song.

Edit - might be a bug, since this song is in the OST in steam.

Weird thing is, the song is on the soundtrack that they just made available. Common GBX lets get that back into the game…

Bump, this still appears to be missing, can a Dev please chime in on this. Tell us if you plan to address or if its working as intended or something, anything. This is just as important as YES, but at least we got a response on that. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Did anyone play the classic hw2 on the remaster to see if the song is also missing from that version? Like YES was removed from hw1 classic? If it is on hw2 classic, then that would mean it definitely shouldn’t of been removed. IMO anyways.


I didn’t see it shared or mentioned in the mega thread after a quick check so I linked your post to the mega thread. The only other thing you can do is to post a ticket with GBX (up to you)

They’ve stated more than once that the song from YES didn’t make it in due to licensing issues. That includes HW1 and HW1 remastered.

Indeed, very true.

I’m very confused about this response. I already stated.

This is just as important as YES, but at least we got a response on that.

I acknowledged that they gave us a response about why YES wasn’t included.

Also I appreciate that ForceUser, however in my OP the very first sentence, I stated that I had mentioned this problem in the Feedback thread, which also is the megathread your referring :). But more mentions of it couldn’t hurt I suppose. At least until we know what the plan is.

My bad must have missed it :sweat_smile:

I think concordion2k was just reiterating that the Yes issue was due to licensing and not because GBX didn’t want it in in case anyone wasn’t familiar with it. The dev that talked about it sounded very sad (as much as a forum post can sound sad haha.)

Ya most of us that care about the song, know that it’s a uphill battle for GBX to get it. It doesn’t sound impossible, anyhow I shouldn’t derail my own thread right? There is another thread about YES.

You can just summon the devs by doing this:

@joekgbx @jeffybug

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I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for the heads up!

Also, yes, like @Stuart98 said, if you use the “@” symbol before someone’s username, it will notify them that they’ve been mentioned in a thread. Feel free to “@” mention me on anything you’d like to get my attention on!


Indeed - trust me, summoning the devs/mods with @ is way, way better than how people usually do it…

  • 1- Cover floor surfaces with summoning symbols
  • 2- Liberally sprinkle blood/wax/ash around
  • 3- Begin chant of 1000 complaints/snark/personal attacks
  • 4- Repeat step 3 until summoning is complete or ban/censure occurs.

Just use @.


There is no @bitvenom, there is only Zuul.


I like BitVenom. Anyhow thx for the responses. I didn’t want to be one of those guys that just uses @. I’m not sure why, but to me that seems more of what BitVenom was referring. Crying for a dev. or a HEY LOOK AT ME. I guess my thought process was backwards.

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