HW2R Final mission, missing a significantly important song

I didn’t see it shared or mentioned in the mega thread after a quick check so I linked your post to the mega thread. The only other thing you can do is to post a ticket with GBX (up to you)

They’ve stated more than once that the song from YES didn’t make it in due to licensing issues. That includes HW1 and HW1 remastered.

Indeed, very true.

I’m very confused about this response. I already stated.

This is just as important as YES, but at least we got a response on that.

I acknowledged that they gave us a response about why YES wasn’t included.

Also I appreciate that ForceUser, however in my OP the very first sentence, I stated that I had mentioned this problem in the Feedback thread, which also is the megathread your referring :). But more mentions of it couldn’t hurt I suppose. At least until we know what the plan is.

My bad must have missed it :sweat_smile:

I think concordion2k was just reiterating that the Yes issue was due to licensing and not because GBX didn’t want it in in case anyone wasn’t familiar with it. The dev that talked about it sounded very sad (as much as a forum post can sound sad haha.)

Ya most of us that care about the song, know that it’s a uphill battle for GBX to get it. It doesn’t sound impossible, anyhow I shouldn’t derail my own thread right? There is another thread about YES.

You can just summon the devs by doing this:

@joekgbx @jeffybug

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I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for the heads up!

Also, yes, like @Stuart98 said, if you use the “@” symbol before someone’s username, it will notify them that they’ve been mentioned in a thread. Feel free to “@” mention me on anything you’d like to get my attention on!


Indeed - trust me, summoning the devs/mods with @ is way, way better than how people usually do it…

  • 1- Cover floor surfaces with summoning symbols
  • 2- Liberally sprinkle blood/wax/ash around
  • 3- Begin chant of 1000 complaints/snark/personal attacks
  • 4- Repeat step 3 until summoning is complete or ban/censure occurs.

Just use @.


There is no @bitvenom, there is only Zuul.


I like BitVenom. Anyhow thx for the responses. I didn’t want to be one of those guys that just uses @. I’m not sure why, but to me that seems more of what BitVenom was referring. Crying for a dev. or a HEY LOOK AT ME. I guess my thought process was backwards.

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Not at all, @drakolombardi. On the contrary, we want you guys to feel free to get our attention at any time and for any reason. If there’s a problem, we want to know, but we also don’t mind just coming into a thread and making arbitrary Ghostbusters references (see above)… Or chatting… Whichever is applicable. ;D


Note that the remastered version of the song is present in the .big files from day one, it’s just (and I can confirm after playing it) not playing in the mission.

That’s fascinating, I wonder what could of happened, to cause it not to start playing.

Using magical summoning @joekgbx and @BitVenom

I just wanted to make sure this thread got the right attention. I just finished HW2:R’s campaign and sure enough the song is missing during the planet killer cutscene.

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Just for clarification ¿This bug still lives?, waiting in total patience to replay the campaign of both games with the new formations code, sorry for asking for this again

¿this bug about the planetkiller song still there?


The YES song will never be in the game officially, it is not a bug. They do not legally have the rights to put the song in the remastered game.

He was referring to the campaign song when the Planet killers arrive. I think it was fixed some while back yes.

Oooh! You’re right. I believe hearing something like that, my bad :slightly_smiling:

I haven’t checked in a awhile. But I did check when they had added the planet killer song in awhile back. But it was still not 100% the way it was in the original game. In the RM version of the sequence you don’t hear any hyperspace SFX. So its not perfect, but its close. For the original HW2, they actually had the SFX actually as part of the track. If you extract the files from the original disk version of the game, there was actually two different versions of the song, one with SFX merged into the song, and one without. I’m guessing during development they made the one without SFX originally, and then later decided they had to merge the SFX into the song in order to make the sequence work. So if Gearbox, or Bitvenom wants to correct it, all they likely need to do is get the song that has the SFX merged in. If you can’t find it, I can provide it to you. I still have all those extracted music files from years ago.

Update: Ya I just replayed that part of the game, and there isn’t any SFX at all still.
I did locate the file that should be in there. In the original homeworld 2 disc version it was in the music directory under NIS folder, file name NIS15.AIFR. I can email it to you guys if you want, also got a .wma version.

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