HW2R- Keepers and Sajuuk ost singer/lyrics?

Hello. I just bought the OST for HWR and those Keeper/Sajuuk songs just stuck on my head.

I am interested in the lyrics , their english translation.

Anyone know who is the singer, or what the lyrics mean?

I think the music/lyrics is Sri Lankan. I remember seeing that somewhere back when.

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The singer is Rhett Brewer. I believe there are no lyrics, but the devs or Paul Ruskai should be able to confirm. I thing it’s just gibberish, since Brewer tends to do that a lot.

I did some research and , from what I could find and understand in the songs, this result came up:

"mana mana mana mana mana mana…

anagha na traati sanda(enagranatranisana)
anagha na traana/traati sanda

mayaa saha medhaa saaya
Mayaa saya medaa seioo"

Here are the word translations as found on the web:

mana mana mana mana = where where where where (like a taunt or frenzy search for the enemy) ( being repeated, leads me to think to : " The Keeper is aware. The Keeper understands. The Keeper has seen the enemy"

anagha = perfect,complete, or without fault (in some dialects i got ‘pure’)
traana = protection
traati = salvation
sanda = many,group,numbers
mayaa saya = with me
medhaa = capability/power
saya/saaya/sayaa/ etc = depends of context and language
- I, Me, ( as in: I am, With Me )
- Spectre/Shadow
- Soul


…I just wonder whether someone slipped the words “enagranatranisana” into a normal real life conversation, would my brain make the instant connection to Homeworld, or would it stay stunned in a confused state of “I know this so well, it’so familiar, where do I know this from”.

If the other person would sing the words, you would instantly figure it out, but if they would just speak the words, maybe yes maybe not