HW2r Mission 2 Broken

Every time I try to play HW2R Mission 2, I manage to destroy all of the Vagyr ships before the second Bishop reaches the Mothership. My fleet typically consists of 5 Interceptor squadrons and 3 Bomber squadrons. After that, I’m left to sit for 20 minutes waiting for the other ships to arrive. It must be a bug, because there is no way I’m that good at Homeworld.

EDIT I’ve had HWR since it was released, left for a while and came back just recently to find the 2.0 update. HW2R was challenging pre-update, but now it’s just ridiculously easy. I hope it’s not like this for the rest of the campaign.


I thought I did. About 7 minutes in, I’ve destroyed all of the Vagyr ships, and i’m left sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for the remaining four bishops to fly in at a snail’s crawl to dock with the mother ship.

I meant about the fact that you found it too challenging?

What I meant by “ridiculous” was that it was ridiculously easy. I just edited my original post to reflect that.