HW2R music bug in mission 15

In mission 15 on Homeworld 2 Reastered when there is amination where planetkiller jump in theres not apropriate music, only standard battle one, and I know there should be special piece of music just for that scene.

Link to thread created previously about this
We’ve gotten a few responses from GBX in that thread. But nothing telling us if there is any plan to address this problem. I really hope they will.

I hope they will, not only this is annoying for someone like me, who played oryginal HW2, but also becasue I think thats a really nice piece of music, not to mention it set up really “special” mood when it was played during cutscene.

Yep as you’ll see in that thread I made, many people feel the same way. It’s really a critical song, and I’m sad that a lot of new players don’t get to experience it. I linked a youtube of the original in that thread, if anyone is curious.

Thanks, and sorry for doubling thread, but I didnt find at first your’s using search option.