HWR 2.0 Formations Let's Play video

Made my very first Let’s Play video in celebration of HWR 2.0!

Shows off “X” formation and gives a quick rundown on the new Tactics/Stance system.


Great stuff!

I am excited to see what sorts of vids the community posts about all of the changes, new strategies, etc… It is gonna be a crazy day!


Sadly I can’t be one of them with my 3mbps connection. But I’ll surely do a video let’s play of the whole campaign, like I planned to do before :wink:

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Ouch! I have been fortunate enough to live places for the past decade with 100+mb connections - often times 300+mb. I forget that for many that isn’t even remotely realistic.

When you do get it, I hope you like it!


I’m sure I will! Shame I’m too far away to even get a fibre optic service, but will be moving house in a few months and will be desperately trying to get at least a 60mbps connection :wink: