HWR 4x strategic layer

Does anyone with coding ability want to edit the game Xconq so that we can play a strategic game in it and the tactical battles in HWR? I am willing to help on the Lua side of things, and even within Xconq to create an HW module. But I am not a serious programmer proficient in C, C++, etc. Xconq is free and open source.

PS: I am a decent graphics artist and could probably create new sprites, tiles, 2D animations, etc.

This sounds like a fun idea, but how would it work exactly? Players join Xconq factions, then feed it game results and it updates the map and such?

This could be interesting for tournaments.

Pretty much. This has been done before actually. But it only worked with the Star Wars mods for HW1 and HW2.

The HW2 FX RPG mod had something similar in storage… You just had to reach a certain preset point on the map which was labled with a sensor ping + text description and once reached you would jumped into another system finding all sorts of wonders and adventures. That’s a concept I would very much like to get explored some day in a future Homeworld title. The classic game play also should probably remain the same. So it would only extend upon the universe as addition.

This is a great idea. The biggest issue will be development of the system, the maths, for the macro production and research game and how it relates to the strategic value of controlling territory and specific locations on the wider strategic map.

From a holistic perspective there are only a couple of possibilities here and modding of the Homeworld game and custom map making would be required across all possibilities, IF you want to make these campaigns easy for people to play and have them commit to playing over comparatively longer time frames.

It is a big project and even if you don’t go down the custom software route, a large admin team would be required to run it if you are going to invite but a small number of people to play, say 20. Ease of scalability in your system is a must perhaps.

Yap a case that would only apply in a coop scenario case but in single player there wouldn’t be any boundaries.