HWR Bug Report MP, Units, and Breaking Glitches

Hello, this report is from a HW1, HWC and HW2 vet and modders perspective. let me 1st say that the purpose of this post is NOT to bash on the game/devs, or belittle the hard work that has already been put into the game.
It is intended to list and bring to light stuff that may or may-not be known, or may have been missed by play testers.
ill be listing thins such as issues/bugs and things that you could do in Hw1 that you cannot yet in HWR.

my goal is to have the Perfect game, or at-least bring remastered HW1 Races as close to the original HW1 as possible…
I was very skeptical at how much of HW1 could be recreated, and what was possible in the HW2 engine, i expected the worst.
So far i have been blown away with just how much Gearbox has been able to get working.
-Harvesting animations:
-Multi-build: (even if you cant multi-build as much as you could, i know how you did that trick. clever =P )
-Salvage Corvettes: actually dragging ships to be captured, like back in hw1 orginal.
-Gravity wells Disabling strike-craft.
-Proper Pre-Game options.
ect ect…

Keep up the amazing job!

so lets get to the meat and potatoes then.

1: Resource collects for K and T cannot Hyperspace by Default in MP (they could in hw1)

2: Turanic raider missile corvettes when captured by the player, do not have the missile Barrage ability. (they did in HW1, if not a little ridiculous, it had massive range and fired a HUGE amount of Missiles. im not asking for that back but at-least bring the volley ability back.)

3: Formations seem to have massive issues staying to-gather and forming up. (the devs might wanna look at the code for HW2 Squadrons, for incite on possible solutions to the formation issues. those stay together no matter what.)

4: Missile Destroyers for both races (Missile) Maneuvering/Tracking/speed is insufficient to deal with Most HW1 and some HW2 Fighters/Corvettes. (it has a hell of a time trying to kill anything vs old HW1 units. normal HW1 MD would of slaughtered a wing easily)

5: the Kushan and Taiidan Assault frigates accuracy is pore vs fighters and corvettes. this is a side effect and result of improper ship turn to attack settings/behavior. the corvette and fighter class ships need to be added to the list of ships that the frigate turns/faces to attack.
Otherwise it will shoot at them with 1 maybe 2 turrets, and do nothing. Having the entire frigates weapon load-out in action and firing on targets (verses having half or more of the guns idle, like it is now) will increase the effective volume of fire, and bring up the accuracy/hit rates.
this was the frigates default behavior even against strike craft in HW1, so they need to face them in HWR as-well… they aren’t flak frigates after all…
I don’t feel an accuracy buff for this unit is needed yet. lets start small and try fixing this 1st, then see how much it improves.
I also recommend replacing the Plasma bomb projectile with the Dreadnaught Plasma bolt effects. the bomber bomb projectile effects are to small. you can’t really see them in-game.

6: (Cryo Trays M3) there are 2 issues with these:
they exploded WAY TO FAST, i came prepared cuz im an old vet (i know whats gonna happen), and 100,000 People died because i couldn’t even get my swarm over to the trays fast enough, and i launched and had them move INSTANTLY at mission start.
6A; the cryo tray issue can be countered by increasing the Trays Health, or armor’s effectiveness vs assault frig weapons.
6B; the other part of the issue with the Cryo Trays is that, they cannot be repaired by Repair Corvettes/Support Frigs (they could be in HW1)

7: (i think this is know, but if it isnt) their is an audio glitch in mission 3 during the attack on Karahk cut-scene, where ALL of the dialogue audio tries to play at once. its an inaudible mess)

8: The list of all Selected units window is MICROSCOPIC (my screen res is 1440x900 and im on scale setting 1, the others are WAY to huge for my screen. im also not the only one, the scaling options dont seem to work for anyone.)
Simply making the screen with all selected units 50-75% bigger should work nicely work. the screen with specific selected units is fine as is. no changes need made there.

9: the magnetic field effects in the nose of the Resource Collectors and Salvage corvettes aren’t displaying when latched onto ships/salvage.

10: HW1 Fighter and corvette units accuracy vs all ships is pretty low (defenders are an exception and should be left alone). they shouldn’t miss large ships as much as they do. and i feel the accuracy, Damage and Rate of fire should be tweaked as such.
Corvette vs Frigate/capital hull needs a Flat increase to 80% from the current values.
Corvettes vs Corvettes 50% increase in accuracy.
Corvette vs Fighters, 25% increase in accuracy.
Fighters Vs Frigates/Capitals need to have Flat accuracy of 90% from its current value.
Fighters vs Corvettes need to have their accuracy increased by 60%
Fighters vs Fighters need to have their accuracy increased by
IT SHOULD BE NOTED IM TALKING ABOUT HW1 Strike craft ONLY here, and im talking ABOUT INCREASING IT’S ACCURACY FROM THE CURRENT SETTING, BY THAT PERCENTILE AMOUNT. so if it was .25 a 50% increase would make the new setting .375
(the exception is when i say flat increase. then i mean its current value should be overridden with that number).
A slight Range increase for scouts, interceptors, and bombers might also be in order, so they can attack and strafe capitals and frigs better.

The Rate-of-fire for all these ships needs to also be doubled, and the damage cut in half to keep balance. this will help return the proper feel of HW1 units. even with these changes they will still technically be inferior to their HW2 counterparts, as is canonically correct. but they will also cease to be useless like they are now.
again these changes are made with the exception of the defender. that units Damage/Rate of fire and accuracy vs Corvettes/fighters is fine as is.
the only thing i would do to that, is make it hit frig/capital ships more often… it suppose to have very good tracking. and capital ships are pretty hard to miss with supposedly high accuracy anti fighter weapons. besides its not like it will do much to them anyway.

11: sometimes salvaged HW1 ships are not added to the fleet, and just disappear. (especially in campaign)

12: multiplayer host crashes at downloading content,in games of 2v2 or larger, happens about 98% of the time…

13: No Multi Research for HW1 races like in the original game. even when multiple Research hubs/ships are built for HW1 units.

14: Building multiple Research ships doesn’t seem to speed up research.

15: Destroyers/cruisers don’t require ion tech to be built like in HW1

16: hw1 grav-wells aren’t jamming hyperspace of allies or the player using them. im not even sure if they are jamming the enemy? if the enemy is jammed, than this can probably be over looked. because its good enough for now.

17: HW1 Grav-wells aren’t affecting/disabling Vaygr corvettes… at all…
17A: i haven’t made it to this part in the campaign yet. but the junkyard dog should also be affected by gravity wells. please double check, and fix if it isn’t being affected.

18: when attacking drone frigates, the drones act as a meat-shield and get attacked before the frigate. unless you specifically target the drone frigate.

19: Kushan/taiidan Heavy cruisers do TO much damage to the K/T destroyers. 1 cruiser easily killed 5 of my destroyers. that was never possible back in HW original. i suggest a SMALL nerfing to both K/T races Heavy cruiser’s ions. the other cannons are fine.

20: Kushan/taiidan destroyers and M destroyers die a little to easily even to a very small group of like 4-5 HW2 Ion/Heavy missile frigs ied say a small HP increase of like 10k-20k is in order. the HP of the HW1 Destroyers was a little over half that of the heavy cruisers in homeworld 1.
that is no longer the case which is why they are dieing so fast. its also not like they will be-able to upgrade their health like other races do. once they are built, they are stuck as is.

21: repair corvettes and Support frigates need to basically latch onto ships like in hw2 to heal. this KILLS the old doctrine/strategy of supported corvette walls, and frigate doctrines of back in the glory days of HW1.
in order to do anything remotely close, you need to have a minimum of 1 repair corvette per combat corvette. that isnt viable. please see if you can do something about this.

22: vaygr missile corvettes never did as much damage to frigates as they are now. i suggest lowering their effectiveness/weapon penetration vs frigates and capitals.
they are anti corvette corvettes, not anti everything. laser corvettes are anti big-stuff.

not a bug, but a welcome improvement to the MP beta
23: the Multiplayer Lobby could use a chat so people looking for games can talk to other people. it use to have one back in the day, in all HW games.

In other news…
Im cheap and Looking for work. im available for an apprentice/intern programing position, and im very good at tuning, balance and QA play testing…
My fee is the release of the modding tools, or at-least a private version for me. :wink:
ill fix what i can from this and other lists and send you the updated files.
im not good at animating and texturing though, that said if i was working with the old HW modding tools, or familiarize myself with what ever you’re using, i could still fix half this list of bugs/balance issues solo,
play test, and fine tune in about 3-5 hours, AND have the update sent back to you for review… =D

Oh 1 other thing i almost forgot to mention, i haven’t played past mission 3 in the HW1 Remastered campaign.
so i don’t have my own list of bugs/feedback for that, but im sure plenty of people have already submitted tons of stuff on that anyway, my focus for this has been the MP.

I could see what i find in a play through or 2, if the Gear Box devs wish it so =)

PS, i also agree with pretty much everything said in the posts by these people.


but i understand this was never going to be, and never could be a copy of hw1, because the HW2 engine was used.

that’s why i opted with my bug report to instead attempt to work with what is already on the table, to make it closer to HW1, sense being a copy is impossible with this engine.

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New bugs.
Unable to transfer Carriers/shipyards to players of the same race in your alliance. ya might not be-able to transfer them at all…

I had 6-8 salvage corvettes on a kushan carrier and it didn’t salvage or even move… it should only need 5-6 max

im sure you know this one, but ill say it again anyway.
the threat Scaling in campaign is totally broken. how am i suppose to fight 32 assault frigates in mission 3 with 20 fighters and 15 corvettes?

come on Gearbox what are ya guys doing? this next update better be huge and fix alot of stuff…
as a modder ive fixed 85% of this list and a few others in my HWRfixed mod. ive only been at it on and off for a week and a half, you guys are a dev team and have had 2 or more years on this…

PS: if you wish to use my mod as a official update for HWR go for it. ied be happy to see so many bugs disappear in 1 update XD.

You should also mention that HW1 corvettes can’t aim, they circle around their targets without facing them, which is stupid since they have forward facing weapons.

oh right. ya forgot about that. thats one of the many things ive already fixed in my mod. literally took 3 min… it was so minor i dont even remember doing it… but it makes such a profound and Game Changing/“fixing” difference in-game. HW1 corvettes cease to be useless.

Gearbox, you’re also gonna wanna increase their damage vs frigates/capital ships for both races light and heavy corvettes by 1.7 and set the multigun corvettes damage vs Frigates/caps to 0.6 it was never an anti cap unit back in the day. but that said simply because it has so many guns, even with that heavy damage reduction it will still do about what a heavy will. Corvettes and strike craft in HW1 could bring down capitals. when swarming them, and that needs to be reflected… hell even laser and pulsar corvettes can bring down capitals. HW1 races dont have such units. but their light/heavy corvettes were what they used for the same job back in the day.

What MCsoughtgate said is true.

again if GB wants to have a look at my mod and attack patterns for the HW1 corvettes they are welcome to. please fix it as i have.

its honestly easier to just override the current release with what i have done, then apply their campaign, UI, animation and other bug fixes over it.

again “not that you need it” but i give you “gearbox” full permission to use the work in my mod as an official patch, you dont even need to pay me.
consider me an unpaid intern if you want. i dont care, i just want to see this game fixed and working as it should.

PS: Missile Destroyer missiles need to track and hit strike craft better, and mines need to last at-least 2 hours. ESPECIALLY sense they are now target able by normal units. lasting 5 min is totally useless.