HWR Bugs & Solutions

What is the aim here? Shall we try to fix what we can? Are all the solved ones implemented in the players patch mod?

Just wanted to build a master bug list for reference to modders. For most everything in the OP so, I’ve verified they are still present in v2.1. Ive also taken a stab/solved several of them. If we can fix some more bugs, thats great. The ones that are already solved are in the 2.3 Players Patch.

I read through a ton of bug/feedback threads to compile this, but forgot to do a “bug” search in the modding forums! Lol, looks like there’s some more modding related bugs Ill have to add later.

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Not yet.

Maybe some stuff carried over from HW2C, here:



Should also mention that HWRM is a 32-bit application. Not a bug, but still a major issue. In testing, I can make the game lock up and crash.

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But we can extract them from HWRM 1.30 hods and re-assemble them into DAEs. And the best part is that HW2 ship models in HWRM are almost the same as those in HW2 Classic. So all we need to do is to convert the old HW2C hods with RODOH and then replace all the textures with HWRM’s textures.


I was thinking more in using the ship patching system to change the hardpoint positions rather then changing the hods.

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I updated the OP with modding related bugs and a link to the hw2c bugs (many of which are still in HWR) a couple days back.

Here’s my personal hit-list, for whats still at large:

  • Docking in Support Frigates
  • Salvage Behavior
  • Ships Face Away
  • Sensors Black Bars
  • Build Que Pause

I’ve got some time off at the end of December, so I can stab at these some more then.

@Psychichazard, could you possibly make the OP a wiki so anyone can edit it?


Here’s fixes for the Research Menu Tabs and Gravity Well Effect

Sensors Black Bars
To completely remove the black bars, try changing

  • muiTwkLetterBoxStartColour to {0,0,0,0}
  • muiTwkLetterBoxEndColour to {0,0,0,0}

Multiplayer Direct Connect
Not to sure if this is already known or not, but in the file ui/newui/multiplayer/connectiontype.lua at line 119, the function call here is commented out. If this function is uncommented, it adds a new multiplayer option INTERNET (Direct TCP/IP) .



Maybe it’s possible to use this to allow the Steam Version vs the GOG Version?
(Note: The textbox input doesn’t seem that great. 1- Backspace didn’t work, nor do the arrow keys. If you make a mistake, use the mouse to change the cursor position then use the Delete key. 2- The period on the numpad doesn’t work, instead use the period near the commor on the keyboard.)


Trebic, I thought about re-enabling the IP menu too, but then I figured Steam is probably going to be around a long time. (I actually used the IP menu successfully several times back in hw2c. :slight_smile: )

We know Mac is not possible at all due to floating point integers:

As far as playing vs GoG:

‘HWR’s multiplayer model’ checks compatibility by comparing the .big files, exe, likely dlls, etc - which all must be identical. GoG appears to have the same .big files, but has a different exe and a few different dlls. However there was a workaround for this in hw2c. People would have one exe to launch the game such as ‘hw2launcher.exe’, while leaving the default ‘homeworld2.exe’ in place. The compatibility check would only compare the ‘homeworld2.exe’ file, and didn’t check the exe that was actually running the game, lol.

So in theory a GoG player could rename their exe, download the steam exe and dlls, and maybe be able to play vs a Steam player. I actually tried to do this over LAN after the GoG version came out, but I was un-successful. I think I could see LAN games being hosted, but was unable to pass the compatibility/version check. If someone hammers on this longer however, it may very well be possible to get LAN/Direct IP working cross platform (unless Gearbox closed this loop hole). In all honestly though, they would still need to buy the steam version in order to join all the action in the steam multiplayer lobby.

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Sorry for OT, but guys, you are just amazing. Thank You for your efforts.



Or…yeah. Done.


The game compares HomeworldRM.exe & seFDAudio.dll. Launching the game from an exe that does match, say HwRM.exe, but HomeworldRM.exe doesn’t match, the game won’t match.

I’m unsure if I should go into details on getting multiplayer to work between Steam and GoG, but to put it short, 3 files need to be the same HomeworldRM.exe , seFDAudio.dll & Galaxy.dll. DirectIP needs to be enabled (this will require a mod). Lobby’s will not work, at least not for the steam version. O’ and lastly, the game’s need to be the same version (No preview patch).

You should add the asteroid shader fix I pointed out… I’ll see if I can dig up a link…


Though not a bug of HW Remastered, I’d like to mention the bug that engine trails in HW2 Classic which comes with HWRM are broken.

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Has this been mentioned? Bombers tend to get destroyed by the splash damage their own weapons create.

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I edited the OP to include the solutions mentioned above.

That indeed removed them completely.

Does anyone happen to know if ui.lua or camera.lua can be tweaked via the game’s options menu? Or perhaps set in PLAYERCFG.LUA? I would love to have options to:

  1. Enable/disable the sensors black bars (ui.lua)
  2. Adjust the camera pan speed (camera.lua cameraTwkPanSpeedFactor)
  3. Adjust the camera max zoom distance (camera.lua cameraDefaultMaxDistance cameraDistanceMax)

For the third item, Relic’s comment in camera.lua literally says “-- max distance possible in the in game options screen” so it sounds like Relic had planned to add a camera zoom slider option to the game.
1/3/18 Edit: Got #2 and #3 working! #1 isn’t working, seems ui.lua is unable to use dofilepath.

Ya if a friendly ship (such as a bomber) fly’s by the target of another bomber, its likely to take friendly splash damage. Formation leaders also take some friendly fire from ships in the back of the formation. I just checked all the bombers in v2.205 and only hgn_antishipbomblauncher.wepn wasn’t checking its line of fire (iCheckLineOfFire=0->1). iCheckLineOfFire helps, but it isn’t perfect. After changing that, I tested 15 squadrons of hiigaran bombers vs non combat ships. After 4 minutes the bombers lose about 25% of their health from friendly fire, Vaygr bombers saw similar results. In general fighters are just easily susceptible to friendly fire, which is fine.


Did you forget to hide the utility research tab for hw1 races or was there a reason? I went ahead and hid those too. I also tested this fix by capturing carriers/motherships from other races, and it works without a problem!

If I remember right, the vanilla version was only attempting to hide the Platform tab. Chances are I forgot to add the function to hide the Utility tab and only replaced the function that was trying to hide the Platform tab.

Took a stab at some bugs this week:

  1. Cross Race Docking Bug - Looks like support frigates/etc need a launch path added to their .hod’s. This would allow regenerated ships to launch from the support frigate. Currently they’re trapped inside the support frigate, until the support frigate dies.
  2. Salvage Behavior - I tried changing kus_carrier.ship canBeDockForSalvageCapture from 2 to 1, and this will prioritize carriers over the mothership at first. But once the carrier is hyperspaced, the mothership will be prioritized after that. Ideally they would return captured ships to the closest carrier or mothership. This will likely require a scripting or engine fix.
  3. Build Que Pause - Solution in the OP, Relic had it right.
  4. Build/Research/Launch Menu Scaling - Solution in the OP!

AI Ignores Cloaking

The AI sees cloaked ships and attacks them. FYI, cloaking does hide your ships vs human players online though.

While several people have reported this bug since HWR was released, it appears to have been user error? I tested Player vs CPU in HWR 1.3, and 2.1 and the AI wont attack cloaked ships as long as they are in passive ROE and not attacking. Note that I did not test specific campaign missions. For now I’ve removed it from the OP. Keep in mind this was separate from the “hw1c Style Cloaking” item that’s still in the OP.


The OP has been updated with several solutions/workarounds including:

  • Miss-Aligned Guns (Hiig shipyard and Vaygr scout)
  • Strikecraft & Support Only game type issue
  • Taiidan using Vaygr’s Makaan Voice
  • Modding: UI Options Bug

IMHO this is the biggest bug left in multiplayer. From the comments above, it sounds possible to fix this. @506933395 @radar3301 @shadowwinterknig - Can any of you tackle this, or walk me through your ideas on .hods and ship patching?


Unfortunately dock/latch paths cannot be added via ship patching…

I don’t think an extra latch path would help. The dock family is “fighter” or “corvette” for all fighters and corvettes, regardless of whether they are HW1 or HW2…