HWR Bugs & Solutions

I edited the OP to include the solutions mentioned above.

That indeed removed them completely.

Does anyone happen to know if ui.lua or camera.lua can be tweaked via the game’s options menu? Or perhaps set in PLAYERCFG.LUA? I would love to have options to:

  1. Enable/disable the sensors black bars (ui.lua)
  2. Adjust the camera pan speed (camera.lua cameraTwkPanSpeedFactor)
  3. Adjust the camera max zoom distance (camera.lua cameraDefaultMaxDistance cameraDistanceMax)

For the third item, Relic’s comment in camera.lua literally says “-- max distance possible in the in game options screen” so it sounds like Relic had planned to add a camera zoom slider option to the game.
1/3/18 Edit: Got #2 and #3 working! #1 isn’t working, seems ui.lua is unable to use dofilepath.

Ya if a friendly ship (such as a bomber) fly’s by the target of another bomber, its likely to take friendly splash damage. Formation leaders also take some friendly fire from ships in the back of the formation. I just checked all the bombers in v2.205 and only hgn_antishipbomblauncher.wepn wasn’t checking its line of fire (iCheckLineOfFire=0->1). iCheckLineOfFire helps, but it isn’t perfect. After changing that, I tested 15 squadrons of hiigaran bombers vs non combat ships. After 4 minutes the bombers lose about 25% of their health from friendly fire, Vaygr bombers saw similar results. In general fighters are just easily susceptible to friendly fire, which is fine.


Did you forget to hide the utility research tab for hw1 races or was there a reason? I went ahead and hid those too. I also tested this fix by capturing carriers/motherships from other races, and it works without a problem!

If I remember right, the vanilla version was only attempting to hide the Platform tab. Chances are I forgot to add the function to hide the Utility tab and only replaced the function that was trying to hide the Platform tab.

Took a stab at some bugs this week:

  1. Cross Race Docking Bug - Looks like support frigates/etc need a launch path added to their .hod’s. This would allow regenerated ships to launch from the support frigate. Currently they’re trapped inside the support frigate, until the support frigate dies.
  2. Salvage Behavior - I tried changing kus_carrier.ship canBeDockForSalvageCapture from 2 to 1, and this will prioritize carriers over the mothership at first. But once the carrier is hyperspaced, the mothership will be prioritized after that. Ideally they would return captured ships to the closest carrier or mothership. This will likely require a scripting or engine fix.
  3. Build Que Pause - Solution in the OP, Relic had it right.
  4. Build/Research/Launch Menu Scaling - Solution in the OP!

AI Ignores Cloaking

The AI sees cloaked ships and attacks them. FYI, cloaking does hide your ships vs human players online though.

While several people have reported this bug since HWR was released, it appears to have been user error? I tested Player vs CPU in HWR 1.3, and 2.1 and the AI wont attack cloaked ships as long as they are in passive ROE and not attacking. Note that I did not test specific campaign missions. For now I’ve removed it from the OP. Keep in mind this was separate from the “hw1c Style Cloaking” item that’s still in the OP.


The OP has been updated with several solutions/workarounds including:

  • Miss-Aligned Guns (Hiig shipyard and Vaygr scout)
  • Strikecraft & Support Only game type issue
  • Taiidan using Vaygr’s Makaan Voice
  • Modding: UI Options Bug

IMHO this is the biggest bug left in multiplayer. From the comments above, it sounds possible to fix this. @506933395 @radar3301 @shadowwinterknig - Can any of you tackle this, or walk me through your ideas on .hods and ship patching?


Unfortunately dock/latch paths cannot be added via ship patching…

I don’t think an extra latch path would help. The dock family is “fighter” or “corvette” for all fighters and corvettes, regardless of whether they are HW1 or HW2…

Ok so ship patching is out then. Looks like editing/re-creating the hw1 .hods is the only option.

Regenerated units for hw2 squads launch fine from hw1 motherships/carriers. So I’m hoping we can update the launch paths for the hw1 support frigates/resource controllers/repair corvettes to work for regenerated units too. Currently these 3 ships appear to only have dock/launch paths on the exterior of the ship. I’m thinking they just need a launch path from the origin of the ship, to allow regenerated ships to exit. However its been over a decade since I’ve edited .hods, so I’m extremely rusty here.

adding a launch path to the ship should be trivial enough. I’ll see if I can come up with something this weekend.

Edit: Six ships total? The support frigate, resource controller, repair Corvette, for both the Kushan and the Taiidan, correct?


Awesum! Correct 6 ships total.

It works! I made corvette and fighter exit paths for the Kushan Support Frigate (using the gearbox example dae):

I don’t have the same HOD wizardry skills as @radar3301, so the other ships will have to wait. I just copied one of the latch paths and removed the latch flag, so the new ships actually look like they are unlatching.

I could also do the Kadeshi Swarmer, but in the base game that will never interact with HW2 strike craft, so it seems a bit pointless…


I never played much with Kushan, but I think I have fixed this. Can someone tell me if this is right?





That’s correct, same as it looked in v1.3.

Trebic actually fixed that 2 days ago. :slight_smile: Just updated the OP.

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Ah, beaten to it! Nice one @shadowwinterknig

Does anyone have a fix for the battlecruiser splash damage or the vaygr infiltrator pods? I have ideas for both…


Is this another bug?


I’ve heard the player colors can get messed up after capturing a ship in the campaign. Pretty sure its a campaign only bug, so not sure which missions it affects etc.

Got one for the campaign, mission 4.

Those Turanic Raider Ion Array Frigates that warp in around the Mothership are poorly coded. If they kill something like one of your frigates, the group that killed your unit will stop doing anything, not even defending themselves from your units. They’ll just stand around and let you do whatever you wish to them.

I’ve looked in the Mission04.LUA file and tried tweaking it to fix it, but I haven’t gotten it working. Does anyone think they might be willing to take a look at it?


@NoOne fixed a similar issue with the Kadeshi swarmers. Try this:
Change to “Defensive” (or Aggressive)

Gearbox didn’t rename Aggressive to Offensive everywhere in the engine after they renamed it in the 2.0 patch. In this instance, Offensive is unrecognized and gets treated as Passive… The following ships start in Offensive ROE, and are also affected by the same bug:


I also added two more campaign bugs to the OP. Both involve destroying the AI carrier/mothership, causing the missions to not progress.


Wow, fixed. Thanks a bunch.

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Repair targeting bug: sometimes HW1 repair corvettes and support frigates, when ordered to repair a bunch of units simultaneously via band-box, start switching their repair targets very rapidly; when they do this, they don’t move nor repair any friendly units.

Here is a short video: https://vimeo.com/276512078

Before I started recording:

  1. Frigates where doing their business regularly
  2. A corvette that was targetted to be repaired by a frigate died
  3. That frigate started freaking out
  4. I selected all frigates, hit S (hotkey for Stop), then Y-band-boxed again a lot of units; this made all frigates freak out
  5. Started recording; after a very short while they got back to normal

I don’t have definite proof that the bug is actually caused by a friendly ship death. I don’t know what caused the bug to stop in that video. Also I don’t know if HW2 collectors are affected too.

Added some new bugs and solutions to the OP:

  • Simultaneous Dock Repair
  • Dock Repair Rate
  • Miss-Aligned Guns (Taiidan Assault Frigate) (solved)
  • Kushan Ion Cannon Sounds (solved)

Thanks @sastrei for pointing the last one out!

Also added a bunch of campaign bugs to the OP a couple months back.


Added a few more to the OP:

  • Salvage Formations (update: will be fixed soon)
  • Movement Disc Glitch
  • Taiidan Missing Build Sounds (solved)

Edit: 9/3/2019

The following bugs have been solved! Solutions by Fear, QuadS, and myself are in the OP:

  • Hyperspace in Gravity Well Exploit (from 2003, 16 years later!)
  • Salvage Scuttle Exploit
  • Kamikaze Exploit
  • Double Pumping Research Ships
  • Docking Under Attack Glitch
  • Gravity Well Effect Area (I just fixed some problems in Trebic’s existing script)
  • No Cruisers Option Locale
  • Private Message Sound
  • Vaygr Missing Build Sounds