HWR does not remember my settings

Almost every time I launch the game, my video and audio settings have been reset to the default. Mostly I’ve been playing HW1 Remastered, but have seen it on the other games as well.

I got similar problem, I play on two diferent systems, synchronizing throu steam, and game always do something strange with my settings, also it newver remembers how I changed keyboard key bindings.

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I figured out my problem. It’s not a bug, just the way the developers have chosen to remember settings. They are tied to a profile. If you create a new profile, it ignores all of the current settings and just uses the default. No idea why it is implemented this way. I think that it should either be:

  1. audio/video are global settings - put them in local.ini or some other global file.
  • or -
  1. When you create a new profile, copy the current audio/video settings to it.
    I can’t think of a use case for having specific audio and video settings per profile??

Good to know, but it kinda sucks for me, becasue like I said, I play on my main PC and sometimes on my laptop, and its obvious that settings are not the same. Oh well, looks like I will have to correct settings each time I play on a different machine.

I’ve noticed that regardless of the profile, it never remembers the “number of SFX channels” or the HUD scale. I don’t even know what number of SFX channels does other than I can pick a number between 0-100?? Also, it would be nice if the queues display would remember the last setting. It seems to toggle between nothing/mothership/nothing/everything. I would like it to show everything and just stay that way unless I toggle it off.

Yeah, I’ve also got the bug where the game doesn’t remember the number of SFX channels.