HWR Lobby: try this

So this works as a stop gap until we have an in game lobby. I created a steam group: HWR Lobby. It’s public, anyone can join.

Join up, invite your friends.


How is this different from the Lobby for the main homeworld group?

Though I laud your efforts, going to another steam lobby doesn’t really address the futility of it.

Just reminds us that we need a lobby.

I didn’t know the other one existed. I’m new to steam. When I did go in there, there was only on either person that didn’t appear to even own HW. Some Eve player.

About 6 minutes of effort inviting friends and telling friends to invite friends had 11 people in the chat. “game up” and playful banter, a few old folks still on the fence about getting the game or hadn’t played since launch week came in. Old connections, memories of old times and battles.

I didn’t even play last night, I sat and watched the lobby smiling, it kind of felt like HW of old for a little while.

I want a Lobby also, but I’ll take this over nothing.

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Was probably Emily :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah srsly. 25k people in the group. Just make them aware of it.

Making more won’t help.