[HWR MOD] FX: The Legendary Fleet v1.0 Has Come Out!

FX:LF is the first step of 9CCN MOD Team’s new mod on Remastered which is called FX:Galaxy . This MOD introduces 9CCN’s Legendary Fleet in both HW1/HW2 campaign, and offers a brand new “survival mode”.
Please check our moddb page for more details:

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Good stuff guys! A few notes:

  • Nice .big protection trick… :wink: Not terribly hard to detect/remove - but I’m not your target audience I think.

  • The .HOD files you guys have are REALLY bad for performance, FYI. They’re using meshes with TONS of single-strip calls (4-10 verts at a time on average, >500 single strips, 1 call each) - whereas in comparison most HW:RM ships draw with 1 call per material, per mesh (so some do 3-4 calls, really complex ones might to 20 calls). That primitive type won’t even be supported long… I’m a bit surprised it draws right now, frankly.

  • FX Mod has always had great… well… FX :wink: Check out how to use Beam Lights and such - they’ll really amp up how your stuff looks. I saw some ‘beam light’ files and was really excited until I realized they’re just normal lights… :frowning:

  • DXT5 is BAD. If you see a HW:RM mesh use it, it’s probably a very special case.

  • No Normals/Team/Stripe/etc?

  • Your bounds compute logic is the old box then radius for many ships it’s SUPER wasteful (stuff will try to draw when nowhere near the screen)

  • You have tons of ‘old’ scar data, it’s just wasted space/load-time. On top of which these ships don’t get any battle scars.

In the future the Collision systems will have data similar to the Scar systems (allowing for more accurate hit-tests more often for much less CPU) - so you’ll need to swap to using HODOR or end up with a ton of ships that don’t get hit very much… Please ping me if you need anything - the work done for the FX Mods is literally some of the very best done, anywhere, IMHO.


@BitVenom we should have a sub-forum for released mods, since here they are quickly buried under technical discussions, and mods like Complex and this (which are, as you said, the best).

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Are the mesh strip calls and bounds compute logic only a side effect of whether they’re using hodor or not?

CfHodEd had some busted logic for a few things (oh god it’s old scar logic was terrifyingly bad) - but I dunno if that’s the tool used here. I’d almost say ‘no’ - but it’s hard to tell. A very small handful of HW2 HODs back when we started had the same problem - no idea why or what made them different either.

The actual mesh format HODOR makes is better, but the low-level format just sucks. Something better is eventually going to appear - I know what it looks like but have a few weeks of more important work to do.


Any idea when the full version of the mod will come out?

Fairly interested in this project. Mostly because of how bad I am at HW2 and I’m beginning to wonder if using classic units through its campaign would be easier.