HWR Patch Bugs and Issues

Homeworld Remastered Patch is out and around… Yay?

Great features are added, but a few things are, well, off. Seeing as how the oodles of goodies are in the patch reactions thread, I’d figure those who have game-breaking concerns/ bugs/ balances should post in here.
Try to keep in into categories (bugs, balance, ship behaviors, ui / graphical oddities), race (if applicable), and specific detail to replicate the event.

Oh, here, I’ll start off.

Bug) Salvage Corvettes can auto capture any unit they latch onto immediately
Race) Hw1 - kushan tested
Event Detail) When salvs dock onto a target, such as a Battle Cruiser, and the hw1 mothership is hyperspaced anywhere, there is an auto capture of that unit.

Ui/Go) Large black bars in tactical overlay
Race) All
Event Detail) press space, and large black bars appear, similar to the cinematic view yet larger, and block crucial view.

But yes, the answer is YAY!

Screenshot? The bars are the size they should be - so I want to see what you are seeing…

Wow, haven’t seen that… will investigate!


Research ships all blow up if the first one is killed before any dock. Is this intended or something that just can’t be fixed? It is really bad to lose double/triple Rus and research because of this issue. If it can’t be fixed then a bit of a tweak in health once additional ships are out seems in order regardless of docking or not (IMHO).

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Format please… But I have noticed that as well. For balance purposes though, should it change? If each one had their own health, you could just send your ship far above the map. Killing all research hubs would be difficult, as the ‘train’ of hubs would span out a great distance. Yes, the Ru poured into them can amass quite a bill, but that’s part of the design, both pros and cons of the ship system. But, that comes down to strategy and balance, so this is worthy of discussion. Thanks for your input!

Here are the black bars… about twice as big for me as before, if I remember right. Hadn’t noticed them before the patch, and I’ve chatted with a few who have similar concerns, though I can’t speak for them entirely.

Sorry, that is entirely intentional. Not sure how much ‘valuable’ real-estate it really is… But regardless, it won’t be updated. The upcoming patch has LOTS of other, more important changes though :wink:


Ah… bummer. Well, then again, it might just be something to get used to. I play most of my game out of that view anyway. Thanks!

There’s still an upcoming patch? Is the one that released recently the big patch we’ve been waiting for, with formation fixes, etc? What’s the upcoming patch looking to address? I was unaware that there would be two big patches.

I noticed that the same accessibility issues I had before are still present in the game:

The HUD after this patch still doesn’t remember its configuration between games, and the RU meter still doesn’t go away when closing build / research menus, when it was disabled to begin with. So, pressing backspace 4x after each time opening the HUD is required, and this makes plaing with no HUD, like HMC, an impossibility… although HMR promotes playing with no HUD as a feature of the game in the tutorial.

Also, the ship-highlighting that’s set by pressing TAB doesn’t save between games. A simple HUD layout page in the settings-menu, to set the default HUD across all games, would be awesome.

Also, I still see no option to disable lens flare, not even for taking screenshots for wallpapers, etc.

Thanks for continuing to work on HMR.

Can I tell you a secret? … I often run without Lens Flares…

I should probably tell you how, eh? :wink:


You definitely should tell me, coz now my heart is lifted upwards and the world has changed from grey to coloured.

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Added in this patch! It is a scale - 1.0 being the default…

Merry Krimbus!!!


Say what? That is a bug unless they state otherwise, ESPECIALLY since when they do link each one DOES have it’s own health. That is the way it was in the last update and I haven’t seen any mention of it changing. As for sending them off into the blue, that has been the standard since the game was released because they are so fragile, especially now with the fighter damage boost.

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A thing of beauty, now it’s like I’m there in the uninhibited space atmosphere:


Thanks BV, makes my day!

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I specifically waited to post that until you asked :wink: Enjoy!


Lol, awesome.

Not to sound greedy, but an in-game settings option for it would be cool. Either way, glad it’s here.

Game will not run.

I mean, for me it was always more of a slow stroll sort of game - so I guess that was expected?

No really - tell us more.


Sphere formation does not necessarily put guarded ship in center.
Fight/Corv formations in neutral are slow and ineffective.

By design. Units generally won’t surround a smaller ship or slower ship. That translates to not being able to ball up ships that wouldn’t act correctly as sphere centers (goodbye battleball!) - usually anything less than a frigate.

At what? Neutral is faster than Aggressive… etc. It puts more damage down range than Evasive.


Am I the only one here that likes lens flare? :stuck_out_tongue: